Back pain



Stott Pilates Simple Stretches £16.75

STRETCHING is paramount for good posture. Yoga and pilates are both good for improving flexibility and teaching good posture and alignment. This video shows a sequence of stretching based on these disciplines and is well worth practising every day until the techniques are learned. Mail order: 0870 8484842

Back Block £30

THIS simple wooden block can do wonders for correcting the effects of poor posture. You lie over it at the end of the day to stretch out muscles that have been improve posture, prevent back pain and increase flexibility of the spine. Mail order: 01993 811666

The Active BackCare school bag £23.50

This backpack has been ergonomically designed with a padded back panel and lumbar curve to ease the strain on the spine. Available in different sizes, according to the age and height of child.
Mail order: 020 8977 5474

Mirage Boots £120

FOOTWEAR can have a big impact on posture. Wearing high heels automatically
throws you out of alignment by pushing you forward. These suede and faux fur
wrap-around boots feature Negative Heel Technology, adapted from the principles
of yoga, helping to lengthen calf and thigh muscles and placing the spine in the
correct position. Stockists: 0161 975 5380

Perfect Posture Bra £23.99

THE problem with many bras is that they put pressure on the shoulders, causing
the wearer to slump forward. But this bra incorporates a posture-enhancing design to take pressure away from the shoulders and so help to prevent posture-related health problems. Stockists: 0871 871 8192

Gaiam On The Ball Kit £17.99

This is a fitness ball aimed at small children (3 to 6-year-olds), helping build good posture from an early age. Stockists: 01926 816177 or mail order 0870 241 5471

Bambach Saddle Seat £468.83

SHAPED like a horse’s saddle, this stool encourages good posture, allowing your
hip joints to rest in a relaxed, open position and preventing you from crossing your legs. Also has a version with a detachable back (£562.83). Stockists:
0800 581 108

Ab Slider £29.99

STRONG abdominals play a key part in good posture. This product will help strengthen this area — you slide it forwards and then use your abdominals to pull it back. It comes with a one-way locking mechanism so you do not pull your back muscles and a mat to protect your knees.
Stockists: 020 7935 5291

Plantronics CS60 Headset £199

MANY postural problems are caused by sitting for prolonged periods with a phone
crooked under your neck. This wireless headset is ideal for office workers, as it frees up the body to maintain good posture. It also allows you to walk 100 metres away from your desk while on the phone.
Stockists: 0800 410014