AntiAgeing advice


The overuse of styling products can weaken the hair so these should be kept to a minimum. Eat protein for breakfast and restrict processed as they make the scalp greasier. Hair tends to get greasier so frequent washing is crucial. Hair is at its thickest so it is the best time to have it long.

20’s and 30’s
From 20 onwards hair starts to thin – a loss of up to 100 hairs a day is not unusual. Highlevels of stress and low protein intack may make hair greasy so wash often and use a conditioner. Try to get sufficient protein, including red meat. The Pill keeps oestrogen levels high, giving hair more elasticity and making it grow quickly.

30’s and 40’s

It is not uncommon after childbirth to loose hair because of the fall in oestrogen. Anaemia can also weaken hair so take an iron supplement. Increase the amount of fatty acids. A supplement to nourish hair is also a good idea.

40’s and 50’s
Overuse of hair products such as dye and perms can make hair duller and hair serums are advisable to restore lustre and bounce.Hair tends to become duller due to more dyeing, perming and rollering, so start using hair serums to restore lustre. Increased male hormones called androgenes in pre-menopausal women, so start using anti-androgene scalp drops with each shampoo. Massage scalp with an exfoliating face cream every week to stimulate hair follicle growth.

Chronic anaemia or thyroid problems may be the cause of sudden greyness so check with a doctor. Always use products for dry hair. Do not pull out grey hairs as this will wreck the hair follicle and the new hair will grow back distorted. Blue-tinted shampoos can disguise the natural yellow tinge of grey hair.