Men worry as much as women about body shape

London: Younger men in the UK are joining women in their dissastifaction over their body shop, says a new survey.

Just under half of blokes are embarrassed about the way they look, and six in 10 don’t believe they hold any sex appeal for women.

The biggest concern for men is the increasing size of their love handles, quickly followed by paranoia about having ‘man boobs’.

A quarter of men think they should be fitter, whilst 24 per cent of men in their thirties are already concerned about baldness and receding hair lines.

The poll of 3,500 men in their twenties and thirties, conducted by < ahref="">, revealed premature aging as another major worry.

One in five men are very concerned about looking old before their time – and the same percentage have already considered plastic surgery in a bid to maintain youthful good looks.

Having a bad diet concerns most men, although a quarter are happy to leave decisions about what they eat to their partner.

Getting a double chin, wrinkles or a sagging bottom are all common worries amongst young men in the UK.

And one in 10 think that losing their dress sense as they get older will further reduce their sex appeal – a fifth of men already rely on “the wife” to buy most of the clothes in their wardrobe.

Tina Richards, anti-aging expert for < ahref="" said: “The male respondents in our poll seem very concerned about aging before their time.

“Brad Pitt was recently quoted as worrying he would lose Angelina Jolie because he feels he is already losing his looks at 43 – it seems that many of our respondents are already feeling the same way.”

The poll revealed that a third of men are so shy about their wobbly bits, they won’t even get naked in front of their partners.

Men are most likely to hate their stomachs, followed by their legs, feet and face.

A staggering six in 10 men think it is perfectly acceptable for women or men to have plastic surgery if it makes them happier.

And astonishingly, despite being dissatisfied with their own bodies, a whopping 25 per cent of men say it is a woman’s responsibility to go under the knife if she loses her looks with age.


Beer belly / love handles
Man boobs
Baldness / receding hair line
Premature aging
A bad diet
Double chin
Losing dress sense
A sagging bottom