Get 33% off Smart Anatomy – interactive learning with wireless pen technology

Smart Anatomy – Interactive Human Body by Oregon Scientific – Learn about the most complex machine in the universe – you!


Smart Anatomy makes learning fun = and its currently on offer from £59.99 to £33.99

With a cool and colorful design the Smart Anatomy makes learning about the human body fun and easy! It holds a wealth of information covering topics as diverse as organs, bones, muscles, nutrition, healthy habits and much more!

The wireless Smart Pen technology helps you learn about the complex systems in our body by simply touching the detachable body parts with the tip of the Smart Pen with 16 Detachable body parts with OID codes, that are both soft and super easy to handle. It also includes an A3 size poster and A5 size book with addition information of the human body. Plus information to help make the right choice to maintain a healthy body and well balanced lifestyle.

Packed with 20 exciting activities in 5 game modes, there are hours of informative audio content, giving endless educational entertainment with amazing facts about the human body.

Currently on offer at Oregon Scientific’s online shop with a 33% discount to £33.99


  • 16 Detachable parts with OID codes
  • Boy & Girl faces options (DIY stickers)
  • Delivers audio content via the pen
  • Game Modes with 20 activities
  • Wireless exploration with the Smart Pen
  • A3 size poster with Body Diagram
  • A5 size booklet with extra information
  • More than 150 points to touch with the Pen