Banish Jet lag with aromatherapy – win an Aroma Therapeutics Travel Kit


London: Designed to take the hassle out of travelling – from long haul trips to short weekend breaks, Aroma Therapeutics Travel Tool Kit is the suitcase essential.

This exclusive treatment package contains a package of indispensable goodies, worth $50 (€40, £36) to help alleviate the stress of long-haul travel including the following:

Relaxer Aroma Candle, Sleep Enhancer Aroma Candle
Sleep Enhancer Spray Concentrate
Recharger Spray Concentrate
Relaxer Bath & Body and Muscle Comforter Bath & Body

Ensure you get to your next destination and back, in stress-free style.
A delay at the airport might leave you feeling run down and lethargic – the answer? Aroma Therapeutics Recharger Spray Concentrate. A powerful blend of: Rosemary, Ginger, Rosewood, Nutmeg and Orange is guaranteed to lift the most weary travellerÂ’s spiritÂ’s. Spray directly onto pulse points and inhale deeply – itÂ’s that simple and it really works.

If you would like to win one of these special travel packages email us at with your name and address and AROMA in the header – by 31 April 2009. Please note that no cash equivalent is offered and the Editor’s decision is final.

Upon arrival, Relaxer Aroma Candle releases a wonderful stress-beating aroma of: Bergamot, Lavender, Marjoram and Vertivert. When you need to unwind, simply light the wick and enjoy a full two soothing hours of burning time.

Before heading back out, be sure to unwind with Relaxer Bath & Body. A few drops added to a warm bath will ensure youÂ’re stress free. Alternatively, soothe away aches and pains with Muscle Comforter Bath & Body. Cooling Peppermint, Lavender, Black Pepperand Birch (a natural painkiller) blend together for instant relief.

Before bed, donÂ’t forget to light Sleep Enhancer “Travel Light” Aroma Candle containing a winning blend of: Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Galbanum. All you have to do for the sweetest dreams and the best nightÂ’s sleep ever – is light the wick and relax (always extinguish before going to sleep).

Finally, spray Aroma TherapeuticsÂ’ best-selling Sleep Enhancer Spray Concentrate onto your pillow at night or during a long-haul flight. The effectiveness ratings of this product are so high that for years British Airways has given it to their prized First Class passengers to help them drift off in flight.
Travel Tool Kit ÂŁ35.85
Sleep Enhancer Spray Concentrate 20ml
Recharger Spray Concentrate 20ml
Relaxer Bath & Bath 10ml
Muscle Comforter Bath & Body 10ml
Mood Enhancer Aroma Travel Candke 10g
Sleep Enhancer Aroma Travel Candle 10g
Aroma Therapeutics are available online from or phone + 44 (0)1458 831 216