Men over the age of 50 urged to learn prostate cancer risk facts

Forty per cent of men over 50 don’t know the symptoms of prostate cancer and many fail to visit their GP, according to new research.

Prostate Cancer UK is calling on all men over this age to seek advice in order understand their risk of the disease as the charity continues on its mission to help more men survive the disease and have a better quality of life.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and it kills one man every hour. However it can often be successfully treated if caught early enough. Men can call a Prostate Cancer UK specialist nurse for information about their risk and the symptoms to look out for, as well as detailed information about treatments and side effects to support them through their journey.

The charity’s dedicated specialist nurses have been supporting callers with concerns about prostate cancer since 1996 and as a result of the success of the service the charity has extended its opening hours in order to be accessible to a wider range of people. Anyone concerned about prostate cancer or prostate problems can now contact one of the team from 9am-6pm weekdays plus 9am – 8pm on Wednesdays.

Teresa Lynch, Support & Information Specialist Nurse for Prostate Cancer UK, says:

‘Not only is prostate cancer the most common cancer in men, it is set to become the most common cancer overall by 2030. The fact that so many men remain unaware of the possible symptoms and fail to visit their doctor is hugely concerning. If we are to crack this disease we need to think about it, talk about it and act over it.

‘It is so important that every man is aware of the factors that can increase their risk of prostate cancer such as age, ethnicity and family history. Unfortunately not every man with the disease will have symptoms but speaking to your GP or one of our specialist nurses will help you to understand your risks and your right to informed choice on being tested.’

Anyone concerned about prostate cancer or prostate problems can speak to a Prostate Cancer UK Specialist Nurse: 0800 074 8383 or visit for information.