Champagne boosts memory

Does anyone need an excuse to drink champagne?  If they do, it’s now medically approved! New research suggests three glasses of champagne a week can improve  memory.


A study by scientists at Reading University found that it contains a compound that helps stave off forgetfulness.

It is already known that red grapes have high levels of health-giving anti-oxidants, called flavinoids and champagne is made with two varieties: Pinot noir and Pinot meunier with white Chardonnay. Red wine, consumed in moderate amounts lowers blood pressure and protects the heart.

Lead researcher Jeremy Spencer, a biochemistry professor said the memory aid found in champagne, however, derives from a different compound, phenolic acid.

Prof Spencer suggested anyone over 40 would be wise to drink two or three glasses of bubbly a week. He said: “Dementia probably starts in the 40s and goes on to the 80s. It is a gradual decline and so the earlier people take these beneficial compounds in champagne, the better.”

Although the experiment was carried out on rats, researchers believe that human beings could similarly benefit. Researchers found that after champagne was consumed there was a significant boost to spatial memory – the ability to recognise surroundings that enables people to find their way home.