Bobbi Brown reveals her anti-ageing makeup secrets


Bobbi Brown
“Over-forty beauty is based on taking care of yourself and feeling good. Don’t focus on how you used to look but focus on yourself as you are now, advises Bobbi.


The new look for autumn above – Pretty Powerful for the Uber woman!
“Leading a healthy lifestyle makes me feel better- and that’s a great confidence booster!

 “Make sure your skin is well hydrated. Regular exfoliation will help skin shed dry layers, but there is nothing better than adding serious moisture to the skin. It literally plumps up the skin to fill lines out a bit. Use Bobbi Brown Extra Moisturising Balm to rehydrate and firm dry skim
Concealer is an older woman’s best friend
 “The area around the eye will start getting noticeably drier, so using an eye cream is essential before applying Concealer.
“Concealer is the one product that I feel most dramatically improves a woman’s appearance.  Concealer is the best way to lighten dark circles to look rested- even when you are not – and it magically brightens up the face.
Banish the red
“You will definitely start to see more red tones in your skin than you did in your 20’s or 30’s, so a good foundation becomes worth its weight in gold. The trick is to find a yellow toned foundation that evens out your skin, disguises redness and still looks completely natural.
Plump up the lips with subtle shades
“Lips can be plumped up by wearing a medium to light colour. Too-dark shades will make them look even smaller. Give your lips extra definition, and the most natural look, by lining your lips after you apply your lipstick. To avoid emphasizing fine lines around the mouth, use an emollient (but not greasy) moisturizer on that area.
Shimmer – sometimes!
“Shimmer can look great on women of all ages. As we age and our skin becomes more dehydrated there’s nothing like the right shade and placement of just enough shimmer to add youthful dewiness and radiance. If you wear too much however or use it in too many places, it can look garish and even make you appear older than you are.
“Avoid wearing shimmer in areas where you are broken out or shiny, since it also emphasizes these problems. It’s also a good idea to stay away from products with glitter in them as they can settle into fine lines and wrinkles and call more attention to them. But don’t let these potential pitfalls scare you off.”
Inspired by Bobbi’s seventh book, Pretty Powerful, she introduces the Uber Basics Collection – shades for every woman.  This collection will give every woman – no matter what her skin ton – the essentials she needs to go from Pretty to Pretty Powerful, day to night.  Highlighting the simplicity of Bobbi’s Uber Basic Look, the collection comprises Eye Shadows, Sparkle Eye Shadows, Blushes, Rich Lip Colours and High Shimmer Lip Glosses.
Eye Shadow
Bobbi Shadows matt.png

This is a sophisticated collection of subtle to dramatic shades, very silky, matt and glides on easily.  Costs £16.50 and in shades of Bone, Cement, Taupe and Black Chocolate (Limited Edition).

Sparkle Eye Shadow
Bobbi shadows glitter.jpg
Sparkle Eye Shadow is a featherweight formula that instantly lights up eyes with a unique combination of shimmering perls and glitter in a translucent base. Creamy soft powder shadow glides on smoothly and clings to the lids for crease-free, long lasting wear. Costs £20. 
Rich Lip Colour
Bobbi Lipsticks.png
Rich Colour Lipstick is a lightweight and incredibly emollient lip colour formula.  The colourless and translucent base, coupled with a special gel system allows for intense colour release and true colour projection.  The soft, smooth texture melts onto lips for a truly comfortable wear that lasts for hours.  Its in four great colours Uber Pink, Uber Beige, Uber Suede and Uber Nude Beige. Costs £18. 
 High Shimmer Lip Gloss
Bobbi Glosses.png
This formula features a special mix of pearls in a clear base for the ultinate in shimmer, shine, and colour. Plus it’s good for lips, thanks to moisturising emollients and vitamins C and E, which condition and offer antioxidant protection. High shimmer lip gloss is perfect for a night out on the town, special occasions, or simply when you are in the mood for something fabulous. Comes in Uber Suede (Limited Edition), Patel, Bare Sparkle and Naked Plum. Costs £17. 
Bobbi blushers.png
Nothing makes a woman look prettier than a pop of blush. It’s an instant lift and the quickest way to add a healthy glow to the face. Each colour is designed to “tint” the cheeks, giving skin a radiant but natural glow. The silky formula glides on smoothly and evenly imparting a matte finish that offers long-lasting wear. Comes in Pretty Pink, Pink Rose, Nude Pink and PlumCosts £18.