Actress Samantha Womack launches ActionAid’s first ever Child Sponsorship Week

Actress Samantha Womack travels to Burma to help launch child sponsorship charity ActionAid’s first ever child sponsorship week from 12-16th November. 

Samantha Womak.png

The aim is to allow people in the UK to change poor people’s lives in the country following decades of struggle and uncertainty. To mark this week, ActionAid are to offer child sponsorship in Burma for the very first time. After decades of military rule and closed borders, the country has now opened up sufficiently to allow us to set up life-changing child sponsorship there, so people in the UK can help individual children in Burma and get a first-hand glimpse of ordinary life in one of the world’s most secretive countries.

 Actress Samantha Womack (pictured above) travelled to Burma to see child sponsorship in action, visiting local schools and families to see the difficulties they face and how ActionAid is helping them.

Watch the video of Samantha in Burma:


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