Skin Camouflage & Medical Micro-pigmentation – Dr Theresa Bush MBBS

Dr Theresa Bush is a leading micro-pigmentation specialist – a form of permanent skin camouflage used to not only improve a patient’s appearance, but also to mask scars, burns, alopecia, cleft palates, laser hypo-pigmented skin, stretch marks and a variety of other skin imperfections. 

Theresa holds numerous advanced certifications in medical micropigmentation, and works exclusively with pigment restoration and skin abnormality issues alongside leading teaching hospitals, universities, surgeons and dermatologists both within the UK and internationally.  She is a member of the European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology – ESCAD, as well as the American Academy of micropigmentation, amongst other relevant organisations.

Dr Theresa Bush set up ‘DermInk’ in 2005 and currently splits her time between San Francisco where she has a clinic and her new clinic in Hampstead, north London. Patients are routinely referred through prominent Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeons, Dermatologists and GP’s nationwide. For details, visit

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Dr. Theresa Bush (pictured above) answers your top questions:

What is micro-pigmentation? 

 Medical micro-pigmentation or permanent skin camouflage is a subdivision of Dermatological and Cosmetic Surgery designed to improve the appearance of a variety of skin conditions and skin abnormalities. Much of the work I do involves either ‘normalising’ irregular skin colour or matching damaged skin to the surrounding area so it blends naturally, rendering scars and skin imperfections inconspicuous on close inspection. For many people with a skin imperfection, micro-pigmentation can provide a good cosmetic result that helps rebuild patients’ confidence. 

What skin conditions can be treated? 
 Medical micro-pigmentaiton can be effective at treating a wide range of skin abnormalities, imperfections and conditions, including scars, cleft lips, stretch marks, vitiligo, hypo and hyper pigmented skin, birthmarks, breast surgery scars, burns, mohs surgery, corrective procedures, skin grafts, age spots, necklace lines, areola pigmentation. For before and after photos please see 

What does the procedure involve? 
Medical micro-pigmentation involves the use of hypoallergenic dermatological medical grade pigments blended to match the skin tone required, and then applied to the skin using specifically-designed instruments. The medical pigments used are metabolically inert and therefore different to tattooing ink. The pigments are immune to the biological changes in the skin or changes induced by external factors, ensuring that the original shades of the pigment are retained.
Practitioners carefully ‘colour in’ or ‘colour out’ unsightly or unwanted marks, be they lighter or darker than the surrounding skin tone. The procedure is virtually pain-free, with a local aesthetic (topical gel) and healing or down time is minimal with only four to six weeks required between treatments. (The number of treatments required varies according to condition being treated and the individual’s skin type). 

How do you get an appointment / more information? 
Patients are routinely referred to Dr. Bush via cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, trauma surgeons and GP’s. For more information visit or call DermInk on 0845 475 9410