Think More Eat Less – use your mind to change your body by Janet Thomson MSc

This is a self-help book with a difference – what is says actually makes sense!

Think More Eat Less
One of the dominant themes of this book is that you mustn’t take any SHIT!  And it’s not what you are initially thinking.  It stands for thinking any Self Harming Invasive Thoughts – these are the kind of thoughts and thinking that we use without realising that sabotage our efforts to do stuff including loosing weight and getting fit.
This book is designed to help you reprogramme your thoughts surrounding food.
Janet Thomson is a life coach with experience of neuro-linguistic programming, tapping (thought field therapy) and clinical therapy who believes that we (humans) have not yet learned the full power of our thoughts – and that our (individual) negative thoughts, for example, might well collectively get together out there together and have a nasty influence on our lives.
So now I have NO SHIT stickers all over my flat – on the fridge door and on the mirror! And it does work.  I have second thoughts all the time about reaching for the chocolate or comfort food.  No self-sabotage for me how that I take No Shit! It’s well worth the read.
Think More East Less costs £12.95 and is available in paper ]back.
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