Slow down skin-ageing with the new Hydra Test pen

Dry skin is ageing skin. So how do you find out if your skin is suffering from moisture depletion before the signs are visible and the damage is done?

A new high-tech device from HydraTest could be the answer. It’s a pen that’s been designed to measure skin moisture levels in seconds and help prevent dehydrated skin, a key factor in premature skin ageing.


HydraTest is a pen-size device that offers instant, accurate and real-time analysis of the skin. It measures oil and hydration levels in just five seconds, delivering your very own personalised ‘skin prescription’ so that you can tailor skincare needs based on the readings.

Regular exposure to stress from constant hot, cold and artificial environments can play havoc with skin hydration. Coupled with the fact that many women often mis-diagnose their skincare type and, as a result, end up using the wrong care regime or products, these factors can all aggravate skin and cause premature wrinkles that make us look older than we actually are.

The device works by using the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) – the same sophisticated technology in professional medical and beauty equipment. It detects the skin’s conductive moisture levels, delivering accurate and precise information about your skin so that you can keep a check on moisture levels at home and on the go, and top up with your favourite moisturiser whenever skin needs it to keep it in optimum condition.

If the reading is low the skin is hydrated and vice versa. HydraTest is simple to operate: Press the “Measure” button once, apply the contact to the skin zone you want to check and the digital read out will display oil and hydration levels within 3 to 5 seconds.

A credit card sized guide is included with the device to cross-reference the. Its lightweight too weighing just 40g and about the same length as standard pencil, the unit takes one AAA battery which delivers approximately 1000 separate skincare readings.

Available to buy at  Harvey Nichols stores and online at RRP £75.