Prototype Anti-Ageing Skincare

It’s obvious that to keep your skin looking great you need skincare that works from the outside and the inside.

With this is mind the scientists at PROTOTYPE® have come up with two new products in the battle to stop premature ageing attacking out skin – an SPF 20 cream and supplement capsules, containing high levels of the naturally occurring antioxidant resveratrol.

ProactivThis innovative approach to skincare  has recently gone on sale – that is if you can get your hands on it because there was a waiting list of over 3,244 at launch.

What’s special about the supplement in particular is that you get far more antioxidants than you ever would be drinking red wine and without the nasty side effects).

This resveratrol has been harvested from the root of the Polygonum Cuspidatum plant and combined with C and B complex vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid.  The effect of all these nutraceuticals is to fight the nasty free radicals that cause the lines and wrinkles and promote new and plumper skin.

And the company’s claims are backed by science. In clinical tests, PROTOTYPE® cream and capsules were found to be almost 20 times more effective than Coenzyme Q10 as an antioxidant and received one of the highest ORAC (a measure of antioxidant content) scores a skincare product can receive.

In addition, the cream offers SPF20 to protect skin from the damaging effect of the sun’s harmful rays, plus Shea Butter, Retinol, Provitamin B5, Q10 and Vitamin E to aid cell regeneration and provide short term, rapid tightening of the skin, plus long-term strengthening of the skin’s connective tissue aiding the skins natural function.

Our ‘mature’ tester tried both the products for 30 days – about the time it takes for normal skin to renew itself.

This is what she said:  “My skin looked clear and fresher and the pores definitely seemed smaller which is anti-ageing in itself.”

She gave Prototype 8/10.

PROTOTYPE® comes in the following sizes: Combi Pack (30ml cream and 30 supplements) costs £39.99: Combi Pack (50ml cream and 60 supplements) £69.99, PROTOTYPE®Liquid Crystal Anti-Age Cream (RRP £39.99) and PROTOTYPE®Softgel Capsules (rrp £29.99 60 capsules). Buy at Boots and online at