NEW product – Fillast shock anti-ageing serum


Fillast In Depth Revitalizer says it is a ‘shock’ treatment for ageing skin.  And it lives up to its claim.  Right from the first application of the serum, which comes in ampoules, the skin perks up and starts to look dewy – which equals younger.

This serum is meant to be used as a base for other products in the range, which are generally not too pricey for the quality of ingredients. Its unique claim to anti-ageing fame centres around the key active ingredient ‘fucose’, a form of sugar that slows down production of hyaluronidase, a substance that destroys hyaluronic acid, the skin’s main humectant.

If hyaluronic acid has been injected as a rejuvenation treatment, Fucose will also help to slow its destruction, thereby prolonging the effect of injectable fillers. The net result is a reduction in the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. In Depth Revitalizer is used once or twice a day (morning and evening) and massaged into the skin. In Depth Revitalizer Day & Night Concentrated Serum Costs £86 for 5 ampoules of 2 ml (0.3 fl oz).  Buy online at Skinmed