New product – Epochas Body Sculpting Cream & Serum

The results from personally trialling a £35 body sculpting cream and serum impressed a Sussex GP so much he decided to conduct his own randomised, double-blind study on 20 volunteers, with the average inch loss exceeding 1.75 inches in under two weeks, replicating the results of another trial which took place last year and saw 24 women collectively lose 41 inches.

Épochas Sculpting Cream and Serum contains five active ingredients proven to be effective in eliminating inches while the user sleeps, simply by breaking down fat in a process called lipolysis.


This new anti-cellulite treatment is the concept of New Yorker Frank Roman who once mixed perfumes for Elizabeth Taylor and applied make-up to US comedienne and actress Lucille Ball. He developed Épochas Body Sculpting Cream and Serum with his son Carlos, a medical doctor specialising in complementary and nutritional medicine. With their combined fifty years of medical and cosmetic experience, they selected a combination of active ingredients: green tea, L-Carnitine, elastin, Q10 and fucus algae, all of which are scientifically proven (and backed by academic, peer-reviewed studies) to aid lipolysis and reduce cellulite. In particular, the combination of green tea, L-Carnitine and elastin has been shown to initiate a significant reduction in measurements of particular body areas – abdomen, hips, buttocks and waist.

The idea of using a cream to loose inches while you sleep was meet with scepticism by Hastings GP Dr. Craig Namvar who decided to trial the product himself. He was subsequently staggered to find he’d lost nearly six centimetres around his waist and chest in just ten days.

He says: “Having scoffed at Dr Carlos’ team as they chatted about their new sculpting cream, I was personally offered a trial of the product, which I agreed to – albeit with scepticism! I used the cream and serum for two weeks in total, and began seeing results after just 3 days. I did not change my lifestyle at all during this period, in fact, I ate and drank a little more than I usually would due to a social occasion.

“I was shocked by the results, having lost a total of nearly 6 centimetres from around my waist and chest in just ten days. I was so surprised that I suggested to Dr Roman that we conduct a trial on the products to ensure this was not just a one-off. He agreed, so I conducted a randomised control, double blind study, to ascertain their effectiveness. Group One used placebo products, whilst Group Two used Épochas cream and serum. Every woman in Group Two lost centimetres from their waists and arms – one lady even lost an impressive total of 7 centimetres in as many days, and others lost 3-4 centimetres.

“Within Group One, nobody lost centimetres, and a few actually gained, which they were not particularly happy about! There is definite evidence that Épochas works. It is an excellent product.”

Dr. Namvar’s results from this October mirror a previous study conducted by the company in 2012 on 24 women, who trialled Épochas and collectively lost 41 inches in just ten days.

57-year-old mum drops a dress size
For Susan Gedge, a 57 year-old mother from Guestling, it came as an end to the constant cycle of dieting and exercising in a vain attempt to get rid of her ‘muffin top’.

Susan says: “I had heard about this amazing product produced and I was very keen to try it. I had tried slimming wraps, diets, and many, many other aesthetic treatments over the years in an effort to lose my dreaded muffin top, but nothing had touched it. It hung over my waistband and made me feel self-conscious. I did a ten-day trial of Epochas, taking measurements before the trial, after five days, and at the end of the trial. The products smell delicious and gave a lovely warming sensation, the entire trial was a pleasure to undergo as it was no bother at all; just like slathering on body lotion after a bath.”

Susan before

Susan before treatment with Epochas

After just ten days, Susan had lost two inches from her stomach, and was surprised to find that she had dropped a dress size.

Susan After

Susan after treatment with the cream

Susan adds: “I was sceptical, particularly considering the other methods I had tried to no avail, but the Epochas results honestly amazed me. I was amazed that a cream could work in this way! After five days, I had lost an inch from the measurement around my navel, plus over an inch from my tummy. After ten days I measured again and realised I had lost two inches from each area. The results were tremendous! I, like many other people, have spent a lot of my life trying to shift stubborn areas of fat and had not managed to achieve this until now. Having finished the trial, my skin feels full of moisture and firmer, my stretchmarks have smoothed considerably and I have lost a total of four inches. Epochas is a product that I will definitely use again and certainly recommend to friends. A miracle cream!”

The Body Sculpting Cream and Serum is being launched at the promotional price of £34.95 for its slimline set at Epochas Body Sculpting Cream & Serum – Box Set