New home treatment for stretch marks and scars

It’s estimated that 80% of the population suffers from different types of scarring – from acne to stretch marks. And its often thought that there is not a lot you can do about certain types of scars without surgery. Now doctors in Belgium have come up with a new treatment that bridges the gap between an invasive medical and home creams.

Remescar is an affordable, non-invasive and clinically proven treatment that uniquely bridges the gap between expensive professional silicone therapy, widely regarded by doctors as the first-line and most effective treatment for scars including stretch marks, and the majority of cosmetic brands that sell cheaper products but whose effectiveness is substantially lower.

There are two easy-to-use products – one for general scar repair and one specifically for stretch marks. The technology in Remescar utilises five active properties that are clinically proven to have a beneficial and noticeable effect on scar reduction, most notably a 50% reduction in stretch marks by the women who used it in clinical trials.
 A thin, transparent silicone filmis released to hydrate, protect and restore the upper layer of the skin and stimulate collagen production, creating a protective barrier for scars to help heal. Overall, natural moisture balance is kept under control to soften and flatten scar tissue, reduce a scar’s length and height and restore the skin to a more normal colour and texture tissue so that even old scars fade and diminish. It also relieves burning, tingling and itching sensations.
 A powerful SPF15 UVA and UVB screenprotects scars from UV rays (it is a well-known fact that scars need to be protected from UV radiation for least six months)
 Beta glucan delivers a calming, protective and hydrating effect on the skin. Renowned as a wound healer, it is also an excellent film former. In many studies, Beta glucans are also renowned for their ability to kill skin cancer cells.
 PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone) also a film forming agent and frequently used in the treatment of wounds, allows a longer contact time between the active ingredients and the damaged skin tissue so that the skin can repair itself faster
 PVA (beta glucan) a well-known wound healer, calms, protects and hydrates the skin

The two treatments already have a massive following in Belgium where they were created by skincare experts and scientists three years ago and each is clinically proven to support the healing process of both old and new scars.

REMESCAR SILICONE SCAR STICK (£19.95, 5.4g)–an easy to apply stick similar in size to a sun care or deodorant stick that helps to heal old and new scars resulting from burns, insect bites, acne and stretch marks.The stick can be carried anywhere, will last up to three months when applied twice a day and is invisible upon application so can be worn under make up.

REMESCAR SILICONE SCAR CREAM (£24.95, 100ml)– an easily absorbed, hypoallergenic, odourless and paraben-free cream that uses the same technology as the treatment stick but is specifically formulated to prevent and treat stretch marks. In clinical trials, users experienced a 50% decrease in stretch marks in just 28 days1, said their skin felt softer and smoother than before and that the pulling sensation in skin had completely gone. The addition of Phospholipids which mimic the structure of skin tissue means skin won’t dehydrate, unlike most cosmetic products using classical hydrating ingredients. Keeping skin sufficiently hydrated is the key weapon in stretch mark reduction, so that connective and scar tissues have chance to repair themselves.
The stretch mark cream is one of the first medically recognised and clinically proven treatments to tackle the problem of stretch marks.Leaving skin smooth and not sticky, it can also be safely used by breastfeeding women, even for stretch marks on the breastS.
Remescar can be purchased at   Boots stores nationwide and More info at