Mary Kay launches new wrinkle repair range at London’s Dorchester

I am seriously impressed with some of the new wrinkle creams coming from the direct sales companies such as Avon and Oriflame and I will be writing about this is more detail here soon.

Dorchester Spa 
The latest launch is from Mary Kay – a direct sales cosmetic business launched by an entrepreneurial mother with her $5,000 of savings in 1963 and is now a $3bn worldwide business.  You have to admire that don’t you?
This month the company has quietly launched an entire new range of products aimed at the “more interesting lady” – aged 50+ – but these products have such great ingredients that they could be used by much younger customers as a prevention treatment.
Timewise Repair is for ladies (or men for that matter) who want to target deep lines and wrinkles, lift facial contours, restore youthful volume, even skin tone and re-moisturise skin.
The new products, in the Timewise range (pictured above), include:
  • Foaming Cleanser (£25) – great for reducing pores
  • Day Cream with SPF 30 (£35)
  • Night Treatment with Retinol (£35)
  • Lifting Serum (£50)
  • Eye Renewal Cream (£32)
The products can be bought individually but the launch offer is all five products at a discounted price of £160.
This range not only looks classy with great packaging, also has a novel delivery system – you don’t need to open the lid on the day and night cream just squeeze the top and a little quirts out – so you don’t waste product and it stays hygienic. But the most interesting thing is the anti-wrinkle technology which contains several magic ‘soup of life ‘ ingredients; a peptide, hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells. All three ingredients have been captured into a delivery system which is patented and called Volu-Firm.
The company has backed up its claims with clinical testing (on humans, not animals). In one 12-week study by an independent expert users had the following results using the whole range morning and again at night:
  • 91% had less noticeable deep lines and wrinkles
  • 86% had skin that looked lifted
  • 98% had less under-eye puffiness
  • 93% had more even toned skin
  • 93% had a significant improvement in overall appearance
New Exterior shot.jpg
These wrinkle remedies are really excellent value and smell great without any added perfume.  Buy at T: 0800 318 288
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