Shiny hair treats

One of the reasons that hair usually looks old is when it starts to become dry, wirey, lacklustre and frizzy.  In the past there was not much to be done.  Take a look at your diet and make sure you are eating enough good oily foods such as sardines, mackerel and salmon, seeds and nuts, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are now a vast array of products promising a healthy shine but older hair usually needs something very special to improve it.

We have looked at three new products on the market and given our verdict


BC Bonacure Smooth Shine from Schwarzkopf

BC BONACURE SMOOTH SHINE uses the innovative new IPS Complex (Ionic Polymer Shield Complex) to target the specific needs of coarse, unmanageable and dull hair. Combining the IPS Complex with BC’s Amino Cell Rebuild technology, for the first time there is a complete range that will leave hair caressably soft and glossy, repair the internal structure and help to prevent future problems, giving you the freedom to style your hair how you want.

This new treatment range not only includes a special in-salon only treatment but products that can be used daily, at home for gorgeously luxe locks:

NEW BC BONACURE SMOOTH SHINE SHAMPOO (200ml, £8.85/€11.60) – suitable for daily use, this shampoo cleanses, nourishes and smoothes hair for luminous shine.

NEW BC BONACURE SMOOTH SHINE CONDITIONER (200ml, £9.95/€13.00) – a daily use conditioner providing an even surface and satin shine.

NEW BC BONACURE SMOOTH SHINE LEAVE IN TREATMENT (200ml, £11.20/€14.50) – this hero product is the first leave in treatment in BC’s portfolio. It repairs the internal hair structure, shielding it during the smoothing process and leaves tresses with a velvety touch.BCSmoothshineleavein.jpg

NEW BC BONACURE SMOOTH SHINE SMOOTHING MILK (125ml, £9.95/ €13.00) – a pre blow dry treat to style and smooth providing the perfect finishing touch to any style.

NEW BC BONACURE SMOOTH SHINE INSTANT SMOOTHING SHOT (in-salon only) – an intense shot that delivers instant care by closing the cuticle and helping to deliver control and definition for hair that sparkles with radiance.

Our Verdict: Schwarzkopf is one of the best ranges around and rarely disapoints.  We tried the Amino Cell rebuilt leave in treatment. This is a great product for hair that has been dehyrated by too much sun, seawater or curling tongs.  Immediate results are seen and the results get better each time its used. 8/10.

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Re:nu AGE DEFY from Joico

Restore’s hairs youthful beauty and stops the clock on aging hair

The passage of time results in some significant changes – hair loses density, manageability, vibrancy, shine, strength and of course, more greys appear every single day.  Now, thanks to Re:nu AGE DEFY from Joico, it’s possible to stop the clock, reversing these signs of age. The Re:nu styling system features a unique, scientifically advanced technology created by Shiseido, the experts in anti-aging skin care, together with Joico, the healthy hair experts. The results are impressive.



You’ll experience:

• Smoother, shinier, softer and more manageable texture
• Protection from moisture loss
• Protection from environmental stresses
• Reduced structural damage and increased strength
• Substantial scalp nourishment

Maintain the hair you had in your 20s thanks to the expertise of Joico and Shiseido. Benefit from the most extraordinary breakthrough in anti-aging hair care as the technology renews hair’s youthful texture and appearance, protects from thermal damage, oxidation of lipids and fading color. If you are beginning to notice the chronological consequences of aging on their hair, key ingredients in the Joico Re:nu product range will help to both prevent and combat the signs of ageing.


Styling & Finishing

The Re:nu Age Defy Hair Care System features a collection of advanced styling formulas for all hair types:
• Controlling Crème (£17.95) softens and controls coarse, wiry textures for a smooth, reflective finish.

• Bodifying Lotion (£17.95) infuses limp, lifeless textures with malleable movement and luxurious body.

• Volumizing Foam (£19.95)  provides limp hair with luxurious volume and body as it helps strands resist the negative effects of humidity

• Styling & Finishing Spray (£19.95) holds, controls and resists humidity without stickiness, build-up or noticeable weight. Imparts shine, superior body and movement.

Re:nu AGE DEFY is available at fine salons in selected markets over Europe and the rest of the world. Joico’s breakthrough technology has truly revolutionized the science of aging beautifully. Now your hair can look and feel as vital and youthful on the outside…as you actually feel on the inside!

Re:nu Styling products are part of the AGE DEFY collection which includes Renual Serum, proven to reverse the texture of greying hair as well as their Softness and Manageability and Fullness and Body hair care ranges.

Joico is available in hair salons nationwide.  For your nearest salon, call 01282 683100
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Our verdict: We tried the conditioner – one of the best we have ever tried.  Hair is instantly transformed into the younger, shiny and swingy hair we used to have. It doesn’t drag down the hair and a little goes a long way which is an added bonus. 9/10

Senscience new Moisture Lock from Shiseido Laboratories

Lock in Moisture and Lock Out Damage this Summer with Senscience’s NEW Moisture Lock
Humidity, damp air and the summer sun strips the essential oils from your hair leaving it dry, dehydrated and frizzy. Banish the frizz and hydrate your locks with this new leave-in smoothing treatment.

Senscience Moisture Lock is a new leave-in smoothing treatment that deeply nourishes the hair and restores the moisture balance. Moisture Lock strengthens and protects each strand so that instantly hair looks and feels lusciously soft and is significantly healthier. Not only does Moisture Lock provide powerful protection from heat damage caused by UV light, it also seals in nutrients and moisture, which improves manageability, shine and smoothness. Hair is left stronger, rejuvenated and truly pampered, with a fresh from the salon look. 


Sheseido.bmpMoisture Lock ingredients: 

• Silicones (shampoo soluble)- A unique blend of low and high viscosity silicones provides a protective resurfacing to the hair, helps prevent heat damage and improves manageability, shine, softness, hair slip and smoothness.
• Specially formulated thickening agents – Helps create incredible spread, allowing product to be easily applied and creates an even film on hair, which allows the silicones to uniformly lay on the hair. 
• Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate – This ingredient offers protection from damaging UV light.
• Vitalock-6 – This is an exclusive and powerful blend of strengthening and restructurising vital nutrients that restores hair’s natural elasticity, resiliency and shine; rejuvenating and moisturizing humectants that soften hair’s outer layer and add brilliance; and sealing and protecting ingredients that shield hair from external damage and hold in vital nutrients and moisture.  
Simply apply Moisture Lock evenly through mid to ends of clean, wet hair. No need to rinse. It can also be used with heating tools or as a blow dry crème for maximum results. Tests at the Shiseido Laboratories show that hair treated with Moisture lock is 7 times more resistant to breakage and 3 times shiner.  £12.95 RRP

Our Verdict: Moisture Lock is a great treatment for turning back the clock on your hair. Its useful if your hair needs extra help after your usual moisturiser.  Put it on while hair is still damp and it helps add a sleek finish even to the frizziest of hair. 8/10
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