FunctionaLab – new inside out anti-ageing solutions

Functionalab is a new anti-ageing skincare range with innovate products to prevent and attack skin ageing from the inside and out.

There are 7 nutritional supplements, to fight ageing of the skin, hair and body and 11 skincare products which are packed with botanicals and also proteins such as Sirtuin 1 and 3 which protect from environmental damage and stimulate new and young cellular growth. Other active ingredients also keep skin cells at their peak for longer.

FUN_bottle_LIQUID DOSE_Colagen_WIL130613As for those who must have the purest anti-ageing creams there are no nasties such as  parabens, silicones, colourants and artificial fragrances and they are not tested on animals.

The range recently went  on sale in Boots stores and and UK ladies couldn’t wait to get their hands on this new product -particularly since it is nicely priced for a top end anti-ageing product line. There was a country-wide waiting list of more than 7,000…

These are the main products:

Functionalab Biomimetic First Signs Anti-aging Cream – £70, 50ml

Starting as soon as the late 20’s, the skin cells significantly reduce the production of elastin and other proteins that form the underlying skin matrix. This eventually triggers the onset of the first signs of aging such as fine lines.

The Functionalab First Signs Anti- aging Cream has been formulated to delay that aging process and includes an optimum blend of patented ingredients with an increased percentage of Chronogen c.l.o.c.k. peptide and SIRT3 activators to help boost the ‘engine’ of the skin cells. This triggers the fibroblasts (connective skin cells) to multiply and enhance their anti-oxidant protection (protect from daily stresses and urban pollution), whilst suppressing the formation of future wrinkles.

Functionalab Biomimetic Fine Lines & Wrinkles Anti-aging Cream – £75, 50ml Perfect for those in their 30’s onwards, the Functionalab Fine Lines & Wrinkles Anti- Aging Cream will significantly decrease the appearance of, and delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkl es, leaving the skin feeling immediately firmer and looking more youthful, and radiant. This effective treatment cream contains the perfect blend of SIRTUIN 3* and SIRTUIN 1* to increase cell survival by shifting cell metabolism from reproduction to repair and maintenance. With a balanced blend of Ub-p Accelerator, which helps to detoxify stressed skin, thereby, increasing the elimination of accumulated debris; and Chronogen c.l.o.c.k. peptide to regulate the skin’s cycle, the overall skin tone and resilience is improved and new damage is decreased.

Functionalab Biomimetic Mature Skin Anti-aging Cream – £75, 50ml

Reverse the effects of aging with the Functionalab Mature Skin Anti-Aging Cream. Formulated for mature skin, this effective treatment will visibly improve overall skin radiance and the appearance of deep wrinkles. Skin will be left feeling smooth, firm and hydrated. Containing more SIRTUIN 1* to increase cellular lifespan, resulting in less DNA damage, it will boost hydration and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Along with enhanced levels of Ub-p Accelerator, these ingredients work synergistically to improve skin protection, repair oxidative damage and help to eliminate and detoxify greater levels of accumulated debris. Additionally, a matrix-derived peptide (helps with skin repair) has been added to build collagen, significantly improving overall skin condition and tone.

Functionalab Biomimetic Intense Hydration Anti-aging Cream – £75, 50ml

The Functionalab Intense Hydration Anti-Aging Cream will visibly improve overall skin radiance and stimulate the skin cells to produce more barrier lipids (an epidermal water barrier at the uppermost layer of the skin) and lock in hydration. By increasing activity in the skin cells, Intense Hydration aids the skin to synthesize its own natural hydrating agents to restore moisture balance. This nourishing treatment contains more SIRTUIN 1* to help repair and maintain skin health by increasing skin cell survival, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles being visibly reduced. With an equal ratio of Ub- p Accelerator to detoxify the cells and Chronogen c.l.o.c.k. peptide to regulate the skin’s cycle (to grow new skin cells and replace dead cells); short, medium and long-term hydration is greatly enhanced and the skin looks plumped and revitalised.


Functionalab Biomimetic Facial Contour Serum – £49

Lift, define and sculpt the face to restore its natural beauty with the Functionalab Biomimetic Facial Contour Serum. Containing a quick acting tensor ingredient that creates an invisible film; it provides an immediate firming effect on contact and over time it will tone and help to define facial contours, leaving the skin firmer and the face re-sculpted. With aging, skin cells significantly reduce the production of elastin and other proteins. Consequently the skin becomes thinner and less dense and with the added effect of gravity particularly along the jawline, under the chin and the neck area; pulls the weakened skin downward. The overall skin architecture slowly begins to change resulting in sagging skin and loss of tonicity.
This treatment addresses all these issues. Containing a patented Lipopeptide that stimulates elastin production, the serum helps to delay the natural progressive loss of elastin which causes skin sagging. It helps rebuild the skin matrix to visibly reduce wrinkles and delay their reappearance and will help to detoxify and rejuvenate these damaged cells increasing their ability to form new collagen, reversing the effects of glycation and toxic build up. Apply twice daily, morning and night after cleansing to facial contours.

Functionalab Biomimetic Deep Wrinkle Serum – £49

As early as the age of 40 changes in hormone levels can modify the skin cell’s inner processes and affect the outer appearance of the skin. The quantity of energy available for cell functions declines. Telomeres, the end pieces of DNA (protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration) shorten, causing cells to age. The skin becomes thinner, less resilient and wrinkles deepen. Features become heavier and the décolleté is subject to creases. The Functionalab Biomimetic Deep Wrinkle Serum contains multiple patented ingredients, along with a powerful antioxidant that helps fight the visible signs of aging on the face and the décolleté by smoothing wrinkles, restructuring and densifying the dermis.

This hardworking treatment protects and maintains telomere integrity (end pieces of DNA). This helps the skin to retain its capacity to renew the tissue architecture composed of collagen, decorin, hyaluronic acid and other macromolecules. The skin cells act and work as if they are much younger. The serum provides a boost to visibly reduce the volume of deep wrinkles, recharging the skin for a more youthful look. Apply twice daily, morning and night after cleansing.

Functionalab Biomimetic Eye Contour Serum – £45

The eye contour is the first area to show signs of aging, starting as early as the 20’s. If not addressed, early fine lines can deepen and the naturally thinner skin of the eye contour is especially prone to dehydration and loss of tonicity. Peptides that provide progressive and long duration hydration are recommended to lift and brighten the area around the eye.

The Functionalab Biomimetic Eye Contour Serum will provide an immediate tensor effect to lift and brighten the eye contour. With this quick acting tensor ingredient and a long duration skin moisturiser the serum will ensure that the thin skin around the eye looks rested and more youthful. Fine lines and wrinkles significantly decrease with the collagen building effects of the matrikine peptide while the Ub-p Accelerator detoxifies skin cells to minimise signs of fatigue and promote cellular vitality. The skin around the eyes will be left rejuvenated, tightened, refreshed and plumped up.

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