Medik8 launches new science-based anti-ageing serums

There are very few anti-ageing products on the market today that are not promoted with all kinds of ridiculous hype – usually a hyped name linked to Botox …something or other “tox” or claims that some ridiculous TOWIE or WAG is using it  – presumably on their artificial breasts as they seem to be the only thing that stands out about these people!

On the other hand you get a brand like Medik8 which just uses scientifically proven ingredients such as vitamins A and C in a value-for-money product, adding new ones as they become available.
Perhaps this is also because the driving force behind the brand is a pharmacist and not a marketing team?
Elliot Isaacs is the founder of Medik8 and his interest in cosmeceuticals began when he was working in his father’s chemist shop and saw the rush for Retin-A – probably the first of the new generation skin anti-ageing ingredients.  His interest in his sister’s skin condition – a redness that wouldn’t go away – led him to develop the first of his niche products Red Alert in 2004, which incidentally is still a best seller today.
Elliot Isaacs
Medik8 now has a niche portfolio of anti-ageing creams and serums for the face and body.
My particular favourites are the serums such a s the CE Tetra Professional Strength ProCollagen Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum which can be used with their Titanium Skin Needling products – a roller for the face and another tiny one for the eye area – which improve the power of the product to penetrate skin cells.
Recently the company launched two new products – a newer and more potent Vitamin C serum – CE-Thione which as a technology to keep the vitamin C viable for longer than before.  Unfortunately Vitamin C tends to biodegrade very quickly and putting old stuff on your face is worse than not putting anything on at all. The new product comes in two 15ml phials and costs £60 for 30ml.
The other product is a biotechnology engineered form of growth factors – this is the white liquid in the blood that fibroblasts (the part of living skin cells that make collagen which is responsible for keeping it plump and wrinkle-free) need to regenerate. This comes in a serum and is also incorporated into a new Hydr8 Day XD, a professional strength moisturiser for extra dry skin – in a 50 ml pump. 
Both of these products are used morning and evening below a moisturiser such as the one mentioned above. Costs and sale date to follow. Medik8 Growth Factor Serum small.jpg
In the past skin growth factors  were filtered from bovine fetal blood but not surprisingly animal rights and medical experts have expressed concern about cruelty and the risk of transferring disease.  The Medik8 growth factor is lab engineered and triple filtered to remove impurities – so its 100% free of animal and human materials but fully compatible with our skin.
I have tried samples of all these products and my skin soaked up the serums and looked all the better after.  But to see the full benefits you must weight four to six weeks which is the time it takes for skin renewal to take place.
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