Top New York stylist Philip Pelusi shows you how to get beautiful celebrity hair

Celebrity hair designer Philip Pelusi is much in demand with international celebrities such as Queen Noor of Jordan, Barbara Walters and Benjamin Brat, for his Volumetic Technique of styling and his bespoke anti-ageing hair products

Here Philip reveals how you can achieve celebrity hair Â…

When is hair at its peak and most beautiful?

Healthy well-maintained hair is always the most beautiful no matter what the personÂ’s age. Ageing hair tends to be slightly more fragile and therefore needs extra special attention. Hair needs to be maintained at the proper level of strength and moisture by using the right combination of products on the hair. This can be easily achieved with a daily hair care regime as well with the right cut for the individual hair.

When does it start to decline?

Whenever hair is neglected or abused hair will start to decline no matter what the personÂ’s age. Ageing hair fabric is more delicate and therefore needs a little extra tender loving care. Hair is neglected when it is not being treated with the right amounts of protein and moisture. Hair is abused when it has been over processed with chemicals and heat styling tools without protecting the hair fabric.

What are signs of ageing hair and why does it decline?

Hair actually starts to age after the age of 25. Each strand shrinks 10% diameter and may become duller due to loss of melanin. However, just like prematurely aged skin, hair can also be prematurely aged by abuse and misuse of chemicals and heat styling tools. Signs of aging hair include weak or brittle hair, dryness, flaking scalp, split ends and an extra fine and frizzy texture.

What are your top 10 anti-ageing diet tips for hair?

1. Use special products specifically designed to rejuvenate ageing hair. Follow the regime consistently for best results.
2. Get anti-ageing hair and scalp treatments in the salon for a deeper, more intense effect.
3. Get you nutrients thru your food and supplements. Hair is definitely a reflection of our health.
4. Drink plenty of water to keep skin and hair hydrated.
5. Exercise helps maintain a healthy blood flow to the scalp. This will help encourage healthy hair growth.
6. Maintain a relaxation program to keep stress at bay. Stress can take itsÂ’ toll on the healthy of your hair and skin.
7. Get plenty of rest. Proper sleep is so important to maintain the health of the entire body and of course the hair.
8. Keep the scalp in itÂ’s optimum healthy state. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.
9. Treat wet hair fabric with tender loving care. Apply a detangling product before combing it and use a wide toothed comb only. Do not brush wet hair as it will break.
10. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction on the hair and breakage.

PhilipÂ’s Top Anti-Ageing Hair Tips for women

1. Softer, loose curls or waves make anyone appear younger. Steer away from sharp angles and severe shapes.
2. Slightly longer hair is also more youthful. Each personÂ’s facial and body shape is different as is the texture of their hair. Therefore it is important to customise the longer length that would be appropriate for you.
3. Softer, slightly lighter hair color with varying tones also helps produce a younger appearance. Steer clear of too dark, too solid shades. Just like hair, skin tone and color slightly changes as we age. Therefore our hair color must change with it.
4. Hair color should always compliment the clientÂ’s skin and eye color no matter what their age. For an older clients, we always recommend that they lean towards the lighter of any shades selected.
5. The best way for a person to look younger is to keep their hair in a perfect state of health with the proper at-home and in-salon regime. Healthy, shiny hair is younger looking hair.

PhilipÂ’s top anti-ageing hair tips for men

1. Keep both the hair and the scalp in healthy condition. Maintain a product regime that keeps the scalp exfoliated and the hair healthy.
2. Use styling products that donÂ’t glue hair stiff. Heavily gelled, slicked back hair only makes someone look older. A soft but neatly groomed effect looks younger and more sophisticated.
3. Color should be subtle and not solid. Tiny, pinstriped lowlights look best. Select a shade and tone that matches the non-grey natural hair and weave tiny stands throughout the hair. A few lighter pieces can be added for a more youthful look but keep it looking natural.
4. Grey is ok as long as it is healthy and shiny. Use a violet based color conditioner once a week to keep grey hair brilliant and shiny.

The big “No nos” for older women…

1. Too severe or too short of a hairstyle.
2. Too dark or too monochromatic hair color.
3. Dry, brittle and breaking hair makes anyone look older.
4. Too long or too short extremes donÂ’t really compliment.
5. Hair that is teased, hair sprayed and fixed perfectly and also can be ageing. Hair should be neat but slightly disheveled looks modern and carefree. No helmet hair.

The big “No nos” for older men…

1. Solid, monochromatic hair color
2. Dry, flaking scalp and hair
3. Too much gel or styling product.
4. Unnatural part lines – no comb-overs.
5. Hair that is too long and looks unkempt.

How do you treat grey hair?

Grey is great as long as it is maintained at a healthy state. Some people prefer to embrace their grey hair and thatÂ’s terrific as long as it looks shiny and healthy.

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