New hair loss breakthrough goes on sale at Boots


London: UK pharmacy Boots whose anti-wrinkle cream Protect & Perfect had women queuing in the streets to buy it, has now come up with an anti-ageing treatment for hair.

Boots Expert Hair Loss Treatment Spray for Women, is according to the company, a breakthrough product, formulated after seven years of scientific research. The product contains a unique blend of natural antioxidants which thicken and grow thinning hair after three months of use.

The product is aimed at females of any age who have thinning hair that is not disease related, such as ageing or through diet or stress.

Since the product is made of natural ingredients it has not needed approval from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. It is also not being aimed at men, who in the main suffer from male pattern baldness which is hormone-related.

Boots is launching the product online at where you can sign up in advance for a discounted price of £14.99 (£19.99) when it goes on sale later this month on September 16. It will go on sale in shops nationwide from October 1.

The active ingredients include substances from green coffee beans from Costa Rica, centella asiatica (Indian Pennywort) and antioxidants which slow down hair thinning, encourage thicker hair right fromt the hair follicle and across the scalp, and boost the overall feel and condition of the hair.

The topical spray is applied to the roots of damp hair twice daily, and after rubbing in, the hair can by styled as normal. Seven squirts per application are sufficient, and results are seen within three months.

It works by calming the immune system and reducing inflammation of the scalp.

Any damage to the scalp can cause follicles to shrink or even close up, causing hair to thin and fall out.

Rigorous consumer trials were conducted in the development of this treatment. In one study, women were given the product to use at home twice daily. The study compared the active product against an identical looking placebo and every three months their hair condition was examined by a qualified trichologist.

For those on the active product there was a significant improvement in hair growth measured in 80% of volunteers, and each candidate completed questionnaires regarding their experiences. 81% of those who tested the product said that their hair was thicker as a result of the treatment and 73% agreed that they lost less hair when combing or brushing.

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