Nanotechnology makes hair younger

London: A new hair rejuvenation treatment using nanotechnology to inject keratin inside the hair shaft has been launched in the UK.

The treatment, called Tanagra, comes from Brazil, restores damaged and ageing hair giving in strength, flexibility and shine. The manufacturers say the treatment is permanent.

The in-salon treatment, a course of three, which costs £50 each, takes up to an hour and is adual-stage process. A fine mist of keratin is applied section-by-section to the hair, to insert the tiny particles of keratin into the damaged areas of the hair structure. The second stage is carried out in the same way as the first, but using the ‘sealing mist’ to lock the nanomolecules into the hair, forming permanent and insoluble keratin – just like natures own.

It is claimed that after just one treatment Tanagra will repair up to 80% of the damage to hair, 90% after the second treatment and 100% after the third. The result is hair that is structurally as good as new! And hair that has a great structure is beautiful, strong, flexible & manageable – hair insuperb condition with an incredible shine.

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