Hair raising facts from top UK stylist


Women will spend more than 18 years of their lives suffering from bad hair days, according to a new survey.

The average woman will have 6689 bad hair days in her adult lifetime – almost three days every week.

Three per cent have been so depressed by their unruly hair that they have even ended up going to the doctors, the survey by top UK stylist Andrew Collinge (pictured right) revealed.

More than half of the 3000 women surveyed say having bad hair can affect their whole mood.

One in five women have argued with their partner about something silly – just because they were having a bad hair day – and an unlucky one per cent have even been dumped because they spent so much time fretting about their mane.

Three quarters of those who suffer from a bad hair day just wash their hair and style it again but for five per cent of women, their messy hair stops them from leaving the house at all.

One in 20 have called in sick so they don’t have to face their workmates with their bad barnet and it’s probably for the best as a staggering 96 per cent of workers admit to arguing with a colleague or being rude to a client simply because of their dishevelled hair.

Eight per cent have cancelled a date to save scaring off the other person with their wild mop.

The most common cause of a bad hair day was that it is too frizzy while 15 per cent say they often suffer from lank and greasy hair.

Andrew Collinge said: “What these results show is that having a bad hair day really can have a serious effect on us – however I do believe that with a good haircut, the right products and practical advice, women can overcome these issues.”

It’s not all gloom though as two thirds of women say they felt more confident in their appearance when their hair is looking its best and one in five have even met their partner when they are having a good hair day.


Sample size: 3000 women