World’s most expensive face cream at $2,000 a pot

New York: A new face cream that is the most expensive in the world yet comes on the market this autumn. And stores in New York, London, Rome and Paris are installing safes to store.

The manufacturers Crème del Mer, a subsidary of Estee Lauder, have code-named the top secret serum to be launched this autumn, “Project Precious” because the ingredients are so rare.

But ElixirNews can reveal that the new cream is being called “The Essence” and its price tag will be around $2,000. There are already waiting lists at top department stores in New York, Paris, Rome and London. Despite the price the product only lasts three weeks.

How does Crème de la Mer justify this price? The company says that the ingredients are not only “precious and rare” but are living and kept active through magnetism. As well as the price the packaging will be novel too – delivered in test tubes stored in a magnetised chamber.

A spokesman for Harvey Nichols, London’s luxury department store, said they were considering whether to get safes to store the product.

“People will kill for these creams,” said Richard Gray.