Restylane boosts skin collagen, says new report

London: The popular aesthetic filler, Restylane, used for lines and wrinkles, has been found to promote new collagen growth, says a new report.

Restylane, made from hyaluronic acid a natural sugar found in skin works by its ability to hydrate and firm. Now a study by a leading expert published in the February 2007 Archives of Dermatology has found that it stretches skin cells causing the skin got produce new collagen.

Fillers are becoming increasingly popular to counter the effects of skin ageing. A recent study commission by BioForm Medical which makes Radiesse showed that 50% of women aged over 35 were using them.

The company said the survey showed that over 22 million women aged 35 and over would be more willing to use “an injectable filler for facial wrinkles if it were more affordable, longer-lasting and stimulated the body’s growth of collagen”.