New skincare range claims the ultimate anti-ageing title

New York: neaclear, a new range of skin creams, developed by a plastic surgeon, is being promoted as the “ultimate anti-ageing product” because it is the first to combine stabilized liquid oxygen as well as Vitamins C & E into all of its products. What they are really doing, however, is merging the very best of skin care treatments with the latest in anti-ageing medicine. The concept is appealing because it is so simple and makes so much sense! Add to this the fact that it took between 1-2 years to develop each individual product, the tremendous attention to customer service and the fact that the products are easy to use and actually work, the neaclear buzz is only going to continue to grow.

“neaclear is definitely becoming the hottest skin care line,” says Dr. Sam Speron, plastic surgeon and skin care expert and consumer advocate. “The latest trend in skin care is anti-aging. neaclear represents the ultimate anti-aging regimen. The benefits are quickly apparent and are obvious to patients and physicians alike. neaclear is starting to get a lot of press lately and I imagine this is only the beginning!”

The entire product line includes the neaclear advantage:
• each product is specially formulated to include OXYGEN (the source of life).
• each product also includes the most powerful anti-aging treatments (Vitamin C & E).
• clear, natural & healthy skin care products.
• hypoallergenic & fragrance-free.
• specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

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