Folic acid and creatine – potent new anti-wrinkle cream

Scientists have created a new anti-ageing cream containing a combination of cell-active Folic Acid and Creatine to target skin’s DNA.

According to manufacturer, Beiersdorf, the patent-pending formula called DNAge Cell Renewal stimulates skin cell renewal and that regular use also helps to protect the skin cells DNA against future external damage.As well as firming the skin there is also a decrease in wrinkles.

Folic Acid, a vitamin has been used in anti-aging and lip plumping products before but the scientists at Beiersdorf say they have discovered that this form of vitamin B is involved in DNA synthesis and cell turnover.
Creatine which is found naturally in the human body and helps energy levels is also available as an anti-ageing supplement. It is also used athletes and body builders to help build muscle mass.

The company reports that the two substances togetherimprove the skin cell turnover rate. Additional tests showed that after four weeks this effect led to a reduction in wrinkles and increased skin elasticity. The new discovery will be sold under the famous Nivea brand when it is launched this month in global markets.