Estee Laudee in class action over anti-wrinkle claims

Miami: Cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder is being sued by a retired US woman who is accusing the company of making false “anti-aging” and “youth-inducing” claims about its skin care products.

Estee Lauder ‘s skin-care products promise to control the visible signs of aging, but Diane Hutto claims the costly creams and lotions didn’t deliver.

“These things really don’t live up to what they claim,” said Hutto, 62, a former flight attendant. “I’ve never been looking for a fountain of youth. I just want to hold back the ravages of time as much as possible,” says Diane Hutto who wants the U.S. District Court in Miami to certify her lawsuit as a class action, allowing other consumers to join her in the suit.

Howard M Rubinstein, her lawyer said that although the damage per plaintiff likely is less than $300 based on the products’ purchase price, the total claim in a class action could exceed $5m. The case so far has 30 plaintiffs.

New York-based Estee Lauder spokeswoman Janet Bartucci who said she was unable to discuss the action added: “We stand behind the products 100 percent.”

The exact products are not named in the action but Hutto says she has used Future Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Radiance Lotion and DayWear Plus to “tighten the skin” around her neck and Unline Total Eyecare to prevent wrinkles around her eyes.

“I don’t think they do anything,” Hutto said. She paid $65 and $45 each for 1.7-ounce jars of Future Perfect and DayWear Plus.

The case has attracted the attention of the US regulators, Food and Drug Aministration, who believe that these creams fall under drug regulation because of their claims. The FDA recently warned the makers of Strivection-SD, Basic Research LLC, that the claims it was making for this anti-wrinkle cream put into the category or a drug.