Botox found to help depression

A new US study has found that Botox can help ease clinical depression.

In a trial, carried out by Drs Eric Finzi and Erika Wasserman, patients who had been treated for frown lines with Botox, also discoverd that it got rid of depression.

The discovery is reported in the magazine, Dermatologic Surgery, the researchers evaluated how effective Botulinim Toxin A in treating depression. They treated patients who had failed to respond to drug therapy.

Two months after the botox treatment, all ten patients were re-evaluated clinically and found that nine out of the 10 patients treated were no longer depressed two months after the treatment on their frown lines.

The researchers concluded that Botox treatment on frown lines may be an effective treatment for patients with major depression who have not responded to routine pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatment approaches.