Babyboomer pressures overshadow the good life


Rather than enjoying later life, BritainÂ’s babyboomers are taking on more and more worries, reveals a new study by Astral, the all over hydrating body moisturiser, loved and used by millions of British women.

Astral_Face_on_new_label.jpgWith female babyboomers set to live longer, up to 85 years on average, life and work worries are now overshadowing their prime. According to AstralÂ’s new report , health concerns (50%) topped the list of worries, followed by family woes such as children and ageing (40%), then finance (30%) followed by the state of the world (25%).

‘The Change’ tops all health concerns….The menopause was linked to the majority of women’s health worries and confidence issues, as they struggled to handle its symptoms and the impact on their home and extended work lives. Almost half (45%) of the study said they suffered a lack of energy, with three quarters (75%) feeling physically tired and 45% only managing to do essential tasks, but not having enough energy for anything else, thanks to the menopause.

Embarrassing problems associated with the ‘change’ also presented further hurdles, with hot flushes affecting almost everyone (90%), and digestive upsets effecting 85% on a regular basis. Irritability was another factor that women found hard to control and impacted their extended working lives, with 60% seeing a distinct downturn in their mood thanks to the menopause.

Beautiful, youthful skin plays a large part in feeling beautiful. Almost all of the women in the Astral study (95%) said the menopause had affected their skin, with half (45%) claiming dry skin was a real problem and 35% highlighting their face and body lacked lustre, with 30% seeing a loss in suppleness and increased dryness.

Astral on trialÂ….
Study respondents going through ‘the change’ were asked to test Astral over a three week period to see how effective it was as an all over body moisturiser. Testers used Astral once or twice a day. Final study results revealed that 95% of users found Astral very effective in actually preventing dry skin, with 85% saying they found the cream soothing, hydrating and great at helping to maintain skin moisture balance.

85% of the study correspondents found Astral more effective than their usual moisturiser. As a result trialists said they were set to continue to use Astral as a daily, hydrating body moisturiser.

Commenting on this latest trial news from Astral, Dr Trisha Macnair notes: “The menopause really plays havoc with women’s skin and yet often goes unmentioned versus more dramatic symptoms. Falling oestrogen levels, which affect the production of collagen, is responsible for helping skin, hair and nails to retain their elasticity. As a result, thanks to ‘the change’, oestrogen levels fall and skin starts to sag, get dry and be less supple.

“The truth, as revealed in this report, is that when a woman’s facial skin is in good condition she feels more confident and more attractive, which can be a real boon when other parts of her body are potentially making her feel out of control. If the skin on her body is in good condition then she feels not only more confident, but also feels better because she is more comfortable.

“So what is needed is a moisturiser that can help menopausal women take control of their skin’s condition. Astral, is a very effective solution for menopausal women because it is so nourishing and hydrating as a cream. It’s secret for me lies with the product’s formulation which includes lanolin, a rich natural moisturising ingredient which binds water to itself locking in moisture, while still allowing the skin to breathe, as well as being naturally hypoallergenic and easily absorbed.”

About Astral

Astral cream was first launched in 1950 and for more than half a decade since millions of women have used this all-over face and body moisturiser, giving generations of women soft skin thanks to AstralÂ’s rich formulation. The formulation of the cream is the same today as it was when it launched.

Astral is full of delicately balanced and nourishing ingredients which make it a perfect all-over moisturiser. It can be used every day to keep skin soft and supple and it can even tackle the driest skin on elbows and feet. Thanks to its versatility, Astral can also be used as an after-sun lotion and make-up remover.

Astral is available in Boots, Morrisons, SainsburyÂ’s, Superdrug, Tesco and all good chemists. It comes in three pot sizes: 50ml – ‘the handbag potÂ’, which is perfect for on-the-go indulgence (ÂŁ1.49); 200ml – with all the different uses of Astral, many women get a few 200ml pots and keep one by the bed, one in the bathroom, one by the kitchen sink or any place where Astral might come in handy (ÂŁ4.19); 500ml – Astral prides itself on being a premium quality product with a great value price (ÂŁ7.99). With the 500ml pot women get even more for their money.