Image professions worst at looking after teeth, says new Orbit report

London: Marketing has been named as the ‘UK’s Most Plaque Prone Profession’ according to new research from Orbit Complete sugarfree gum, which compares the daily dental, chewing, drinking and smoking habits and working lifestyles of different professions to reveal the ‘Top Five Most Plaque Prone’. Others in the top five include agriculture, transport, manufacturing and public sector.

The survey* of 1,000 Britons, reveals (10%) farmers, admit they rarely brush their teeth, with less than half (49%) brushing twice a day and a quarter (25%) never flossing. Other sectors are no better with around half of those in transport (48%) and public sector (60%) brushing their teeth twice a day and over half never flossing (transport 59% and public sector 52%). However, marketing professionals are the worst dental offenders, ranking them as Britain’s most plaque prone professionals

Marketers’ Mouths ‘No Advert’ for Healthy Teeth

Marketing people appear to be spending too much time ‘thinking outside the box’ and not enough about their teeth. Over a third (38%) never floss and 22% never use mouthwash as part of their dental regime. Even worse, entertaining clients mean that over half (54%) regularly** drink alcohol and a quarter smoke (24%) which could be detrimental to the health of their mouth and teeth.

“As this research shows, the demands and pressures on Britain’s workforce means many people have less time in their day to think about their oral health and how their busy lifestyles can affect this,” says Professor Jimmy Steele, top dentist from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.***

“It is important to remember to brush our teeth regularly to keep them clean and healthy, and chewing sugarfree gum with Xylitol, like Orbit Complete, after meals can help to reduce the build up of plaque during the day.”

Teachers and Healthcare Professionals Top of the Class

Healthcare professionals and teachers do practice what they preach when it comes to teeth, with 80% brushing their teeth twice a day. Over a third (37%) of teachers also regularly** drink a glass of milk, making them top of the class at break-time as milk is packed with calcium that helps to keep teeth strong and healthy.

Pen-Pushers Chew’se Success

Office workers are also remaining focused, brushing their teeth twice a day (79%), and taking care of themselves through a healthy diet (88%) and 27% make sure they chew sugarfree gum after meals in order to look after their teeth. Other top chewers, mindful of oral hygiene while at work include retailers (30%) and construction workers (21%).

North vs. South, Men vs. Women

The survey reveals that health habits are also influenced by geography and gender with employees in the South-East being the most regular brushers (74% brushing twice a day) and Scottish workers the least regular (59%). However, both regions recognise the benefits of sugarfree gum with 1 in 5 (20%) chewing it daily. On the other hand, women ‘get fresh’ more often than men with 72% brushing their teeth twice a day compared to 61% of men.

Dr Steele’s top 5 tips:

§ Choose your toothpaste wisely – Always make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride to help to strengthen and protect the teeth

§ Use a new toothbrush – Replace your toothbrush every three months or sooner if the tufts have become worn or splayed

§ Make a dentist appointment – If you do not visit your dentist regularly, make an appointment -the dentist can tell you how often you should have a check-up.

§ Chew sugarfree gum with Xylitol – Chewing sugarfree gum such as Orbit Complete

has been clinically proven to help prevent the build up of plaque on teeth and to help to keep your teeth healthy, clean and fresh after meals and snacks

§ Floss and use mouthwash – To clean the areas that your brush may not be able to reach, dental floss and special brushes clean in-between your teeth. Using mouthwash can also help to freshen breath and kill bacteria.