Pangaea launches new wrinkle-busting range

London: Europe’s leading dermaceutical company, Pangaea Laboratories, has launched a new skincare range containing the latest wrinkle-busting technology.

Medik8®, consists of 24 products combining cutting-edge biotechnology (use of fat based delivery systems, ‘liposomes’) with the latest dermaceutical peptide ingredients. All products contain clinically proven actives and patented ingredients. Medik8® (Pangaea Laboratories) is a science laboratory ultimately interested in one thing – results.

Some groundbreaking ingredients in the Medik8® range include:-
• SOD – Superoxide Dismutase enzyme protects hyaluronate against depolymerization by free-radicals that cause the breakdown of cell scaffolding

• Idebenone – the most powerful antioxidant available for topical use

• Derma-Peptides – actually interact with collagen and elastin formation mechanisms
• Pre-SPF – protects the Langerhans skin cells from UV damage (the 2-4% of epithelial cells that are responsible for skin immune response)

Medik8® is split into 3 areas: Daily, Solutions and Injection-Free.

• skin ageing
• skin redness / rosacea
• pigmentation marks
• stretch marks
• dark circles
• cellulite / orange peel
• ingrown hairs
• dry skin
• thread veins / spider veins
• acne / congested skin
• fine lines & wrinkles
• general skin improvement
• tired dull skin
• thin lips

Medik8® products are not tested on animals and use bio–degradable packaging. Where necessary, products are packed in airless containers to preserve the potency of the actives throughout their life on the shelf and in the bathroom.

For further information on the Medik8® range, stockists or mail order please contact Medik8 on 0845 673 2222 or visit to order online.


Pangaea uses dermatological and dermaceutical interchangeably, because dermaceutical is not currently as well known. Dermatological refers to the branch of medicine that is concerned with the physiology and pathology of the skin; whereas dermaceutical is a contraction of derma~ (meaning skin) and ~ceutical (meaning drug-based product or preparation)

Liposomes – are tiny fat-based hollow spheres filled with active ingredients, which are absorbed into the skin and release their contents precisely where they are most needed – under the surface into the deeper layers of the skin

Antioxidants – our enviornment leads to the formation of “free radicals” that damage healthy cells. In the skin this leads to lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. Antioxidants can reduce the activity of these free radicals by soaking them up ( a plus and a minus become a neutral), and can help the body to repair itself.. Well know antioxidants include vitamins A, C and E. Idebenone is the latest and most powerful antioxidant available for topical use. SOD is another hi-tech anti-oxidant that protects hyaluronate against depolymerization by free-radicals ( that is the breakdown of cell scaffolding)

Langerhans’ cells – The skin is the largest organ in area. Langerhans’ cells are located in the lowest epidermal layers. The Langerhans’ cells play a central role in the skin’s immune system and an integral part of the body’s total defence system.

Hyaluronate – A salt or ester of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). One molecule of HA holds 1000 times its weight in water. It helps pull moisture from the air to the skin. Acts as the filler /binder between collagen and elastic scaffolding layers.

Depolymerization – The breaking down of long polymers into their constituent small molecules. If a molecule is a ‘brick’ then a polymer would be a ‘wall’