Botox maker unveils new anti-ageing face cream

New York: A new cream, containing a synthetic antioxidant, said to be the most powerful yet, has been launched by US company Allergan.

The price tag of US$110 an ounce has not deterred purchasers who are going on waiting lists for Prevage which contains Idebenone, reportedly one of the most effective antioxidant products available.

Its original use is to protect organs from environmental damage during transplant operations, slows the progress of Alzheimer’s disease, and stimulates nerves in stroke victims.

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from free radicals – damaging byproducts of environmental stresses such as UV light, smoke and air pollution. Vitamins C and E are also antioxidents.

Allergan has carried out a study involving 21 women aged between 18 and 65, who had moderate premature ageing of the skin and used the cream twice a day for six weeks, found a 29 per cent reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a 26 per cent reduction in skin roughness or dryness, a 37 per cent increase in skin hydration and a 33 per cent overall improvement in the appearance of skin.

Additional research by the University of California in Los Angeles, found that it reduced sunburnt cells (skin cells that die from UV exposure) by 38 per cent, while the use of tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, resulted in only a 31 per cent reduction.

Allergan says that in the US it has decided against over-the-counter sales of Prevage, a non-prescription cream, so that consumers can receive advice on whether it’s the best product for them. It is available in selected outlets elsewhere.