New non-surgical fat buster at Beauty Works West

London: Saddle bags, bingo wings, stodgy bottoms and double chins could finally become a thing of the past with the arrival of SmartLipo – a revolutionary new fat-busting treatment which is the safer and smarter alternative to conventional liposuction.

Officially available in the UK from this September, Dr. Daniel Sister BeautyWorks West will be one of just three Doctors in London offering this new solution to excess fat.

Billed as a lunch time treatment, just a single one hour session is all it takes with no need for a general anaesthetic or hospital visit. The procedure is carried out in the Doctor Daniel Sister’s treatment room instead of an operating theatre, meaning you could technically go back to work the same day. Compared to Liposuction it is less traumatic, less invasive and much safer. There is a faster recovery period with visibly reduced swelling and bruising. Medical studies show there are no serious side effects such as scarring, internal bleeding and permanent blood vessel damage which can follow after having Liposuction.

Previously impossible to treat with Liposuction, problem areas such as the face, fore arms, knees and upper abdomen can be addressed and SmartLipo also effectively treats Gynecomastia (male breasts) and Axillary hyperhidrosis (excess sweating). Just one treatment of SmartLipo permanently reduces the size of the sweat glands permanently reducing sweat secretions and replacing the current trend of having under arm botox every few months. Traditional Liposuction can cause a surplus of sagging skin and burst blood vessels but SmartLipo tightens the skin after removing the fat as well as simultaneously eliminating thread veins. Finally, the best news of all is the price. Starting from £1500, depending on the area it is much cheaper than Liposuction.

How does the treatment work?

The laser-assisted SmartLipo (fibre optic) is just 1mm in diameter and it disperses the wave energy in three steps.

Step one – Heats up the fat cell membrane to 45◦ to disintegrate the fat pockets and the contents are dispersed naturally via the bodies’ metabolism process (Full results takes 12 to 16 weeks).

Step two – Seals off the surrounding blood vessels to prevent bleeding and reduce any potential swelling or bruising.

Step three – Encourages the production of collagen and skin shrinkage. This prevents the skin from sagging and the need for post-treatment surgery such as a tummy tuck to correct this problem.

Following its arrival in the UK SmartLipo is bound to receive some scepticism and concern even though similar lasers are widely used here in many treatments already including hair removal. In defence one study in Brazil concerning at least 1500 cases showed no evidence of any serious side effects and although pending, FDA approval should come through early August. There are already 1000 SmartLipo laser machines worldwide and they have been in use for more than four years now. Italy, Brazil, Australia and the Far East have all caught on to using SmartLipo with phenomenal results and now it is time for us Brits to banish that stubborn fat too!

A consultation with Dr. Sister is free of charge. Treatments then start from £1500 – £2000 depending on the area.