Case study: Obethin natural appetite suppressant

Lynne from Bolton will be celebrating her 60th birthday this year and feels she has been battling her weight all of her life.


Lynne after her weightloss

Lynne started taking the weight loss supplement Obethin in October 2012. She is 5ft 2” and was a size 14.

This product contains natural ingredients including a natural viscous polysaccharides, that turn into a gel that increases volume in the stomach, slowing down the digestive process and helping you to feel fuller for longer. It also contains chromium picolinate that helps to maintain stable blood sugar.

She says: “My weight used to fluctuate by about three stone. It calmed down a bit in recent years but I could still go up and down by about a stone throughout the year. It was worse when I was religiously weighing myself and obsessed with dieting. I got rid of my scales and decided to just go on whether my clothes fitted me or not and this seemed to take the pressure off a bit. I still needed to control my weight however.

“My main problem is…I LOVE food! I just love cooking, eating and thinking about food. I don’t necessarily have a bad diet – food just plays a very important and enjoyable part of my life.”

Lynne was determined not to go up her usual dress size by overindulging over the Christmas period. So, she started taking Obethin and as it turned out it was the first Christmas in 10 years that she didn’t have to move into her ‘big’ trousers.


Lynne with those big pants!

“Obethin is completely brilliant. I have used many weight loss products and diets over the years. Tablets, capsules, meal replacement shakes…you name it I’ve tried it. Some did work for a short time but Obethin is the only solution I have ever tried that genuinely stops me being hungry. It is easy to get obsessed with losing weight and the more you think about it the more difficult it can get but Obethin just takes your mind off it as you are not constantly hungry.

“Sometimes I need to be more disciplined in taking Obethin but I found that even if I just take two capsules before breakfast and lunch, it makes a huge difference on my daily calorie intake. As long as I don’t go silly with my evening meal, I can still reduce my intake by 300-400 calories.

“The best part is, I am still eating the food I love, I am just eating less of it.”

Lynne also said she felt more comfortable with the natural ingredients in Obethin.

“It’s great knowing that everything in Obethin is natural and proven to be safe.”

Lynne lost 10lbs since taking Obethin and is now a size 12.

“I definitely see Obethin as a long term solution to controlling my weight. I never thought I would say it but I am really looking forward to looking and feeling fab at 60 thanks to

Obethin costs £29.99 for a one month supply (120 tablets) and available online at (free P&P) or at your local pharmacy.