New body MOT centre opens

London: A new state-of-the-art clinic, which provides full body MOTs and combines personalised care with the very latest medical technology, in luxury 6-star surroundings has opened in London.

Preventicum is the first clinic of its kind in the UK, providing a full medical check-up, with results back in hours rather than weeks. A Preventicum check-up costs ÂŁ2750, takes five hours and clients are given the best personalised care, checking-in to their own private room with television, telephone and PC with internet access, where all confidential discussions take place.

The check-up is tailored to meet the individualÂ’s needs and will include a unique, radiation-free MRI scan of the entire body, providing some of the best images in the world. It also includes other more traditional examinations such as an ECG, stress test, ultrasound, comprehensive blood and urine analysis. Results are ready on the same day as the examination and there is up to two hours of consultations, including a unique virtual tour of your body with the radiologist, using the hundreds of images from your MRI scan.

The new Preventicum facility is based at Shepherd’s Bush in West London. Check-ups are tailored to the clientsÂ’ needs and provide a comprehensive and convenient high level of service. It can include at least one hour of consultations with Medical Director, GP and Occupational Physician Dr Michael Clarke, as well as a physical examination, ECG (electrocardiogram), stress test, ultrasound examinations and extensive blood tests. The centre-piece of this unique check-up is a radiation-free, full-body MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan that enables Preventicum doctors to gather detailed information about the clientÂ’s entire body in just one hour.

The MRI scan incorporates angiogram technology that scans the bodyÂ’s whole arterial tree in 72 seconds. Preventicum radiologists are among few world-wide that read full-body MRI scans. The scanning is without any known side-effects as it does not use radiation, unlike other scanning methods such as CT or EBCT. Our radiologist will then take the client on a unique virtual tour of their body using the 1800 images produced by the full-body MRI scan.

All results will be explained to the client during a concluding discussion with the Medical Director and will be given to the client to take home and show to their GP, if they wish. The client will also receive a CD with their MRI images, including a video of their beating heart.

If necessary and if the client agrees, our doctors will refer the client for further tests or investigation or directly for treatment by the relevant specialist, at the clientÂ’s convenience. In addition to this we will also offer more general lifestyle advice.

Preventicum, London Centre of Preventive Medicine caters for discerning individuals, mainly over the age of 30, from all walks of life, who value an insight into the current and future state of their health. Typical clients could also include sportsmen and women and corporates concerned with the health of existing and future senior management.

Neil Poulter, Professor of Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine at Imperial College London and President of the British Hypertension Society is Chairman of the Preventicum Medical Advisory Board: “This is a new level of preventive health check-up and provides a unique service for the UK market. Forty percent of adults die from cardiovascular disease or related illnesses. We are screening for cardiovascular risk factors, so we can identify and thereby help to prevent high- risk people from becoming part of those statistics”.

Other members of the Medical Advisory Board are Dr Simon Davies, Interventional Cardiologist, Professor Dudley Pennell, Cardiologist and Dr Dafydd Thomas, Neurologist.

To find out more about Preventicum visit the website or call 020 7605 6905.