The end of hair armpits rollon


London: Two new deodrants which claim to slow down the speed of hair growth are to be launched near year.

The Sure and Dove Hair Minimising roll-ons and sprays, both manufactured by Unilever, are expected to appeal to young women and promise results within a month of use.

Their underarm hair should be less noticeable, finer and easier to remove. However, hair growth will quickly return to normal if they stop using the deodorant.

Sian Jenkins of Dove said: “Consumer testing has shown that women notice a difference to their underarms after just a few weeks – shaving time off their normal regime.”

Unilever scientists have spent three years developing the new formula and is based on a ‘pro-epil’ complex-which is said to slow the rate of hair growth.

The deodorants should be used only in the underarm area, he added.

The new deodrants appeal to the modern day dislike of hairy armpits on women. Women sporting the natural look are a non-conformist.
Julia Roberts discovered just how much society frowns on armpit fuzz when she displayed her hairy underarms at the London premiere of her film Notting Hill in 1999.
The actress, who is thought to have cultivated the look to please her boyfriend of the time, said later: “You’d think it was a chinchilla I had under there the way the world responded.”