Hormone replacement Beverly Hills style

Beverly Hills:It’s becoming a common complaint. ‘I’m tired all the time,’ ‘My sex drive is gone,’ ‘I exercise and still gain weight.” These are just some of the things patients are privately telling Andre Berger, MD of Beverly Hills’ posh Rejuvalife
Vitality Institute.

While each of these patients may have a different reason for being there, most of them are in need of the same treatment… a program that eliminates the maze of misinformation that is aimed at them, while giving them back the life and vitality that age and society are stripping them of daily.

“Many of my patients are struggling with what I believe is fast becoming a national epidemic,” stated Dr. Berger. “Call it age, call it the environment, call it the rat race. Whatever it is, these men and women are struggling with a constant lack of energy, low libido, weight gain and an overall loss of vitality and zest for life.”

According to Dr. Berger, over the counter pills, changes in diet and exercise may help for a short period, but in reality not much has provided these patients with the long term remedy they need. While Hormone Replacement Therapy and Bioidentical Hormones may be considered controversial, Dr. Berger has a plethora of patients (women and men) who will attest that his unique hormone rebalance and anti-aging program has given them back their energy, their lust for life and love, and an optimism for their future health they have never encountered.

The Rejuvalife Vitality Program is an annual, doctor supervised program that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs. It begins with an in depth patient interview and history, physical exam and metabolic testing, and in-depth state-of-the art comprehensive diagnostic testing of blood, saliva, and urine to determine the exact hormone levels and functional status of each patient.

This first level of testing helps Dr. Berger determine hormonal insufficiencies including areas such as the adrenals (that result in fatigue), melatonin (for sleep), food allergies and more so he can precisely pin-point the problem and determine an accurate diagnosis before administering any hormone replacement treatment. As a result, Dr. Berger is then able to increase or decrease the patient’s hormonal levels in each specific area and simultaneously optimize lifestyle areas to create the optimal balance. After balancing, patients are monitored for several months and tested regularly so that Dr. Berger can adjust to maintain balance as necessary. This process is repeated and monitored closely on an ongoing basis which for most includes 4 visits during the first 9 months and visits every 6 months thereafter, depending on the patient’s needs.

Dr. Berger sites various examples: A woman in her mid-40’s who is experiencing fatigue, depression, and weight gain typically blames “menopause” for her symptoms when in reality she may need to balance her adrenal glands and estrogen levels. Once corrected and properly balanced, most women begin feeling like “themselves” again. Dr. Berger notes that his hormone replacement program is not just for middle aged women (or middle-aged anybody for that matter, some of his patients are in their 20’s). Many men are suffering from “Andropause” where they feel a lack of libido, loss of muscle, weight gain, etc. Again, by putting a man’s hormone levels back to where they once were when he was younger, he will feel more rejuvenated and vital.

Lastly, Dr. Berger adds that although balancing hormones is an internal process, there is a very important external result. Not only do Dr. Berger’s patients feel better, but they also LOOK better. “Because everything in the body is connected, when you treat the inside, it automatically affects the outside,” says Dr. Berger. “My goal is to treat the complete person not just the symptom, resulting in overall better health…from the inside, out!”

About Dr Andre Berger: A visionary in the emerging field of holistic and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Andre Berger is the founder and medical director or Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, an anti-aging and cosmetic medicine practice that is considered Beverly Hills’ best kept secret. Dr. Berger incorporates a holistic approach to anti-aging therapies with a special emphasis on customized patient care, education and lifestyle changes. Dr. Berger received his MD from the University of Ottawa and completed his residency at McGill University in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology and also is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Holistic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. He is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Holistic Medical Association and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Visit www.rejuvalife.md