Bruce Willis: on his wrinkles and 20 years of John McClane


London: Bruce Willis says he has ruled out playing his character John McClane as a youngster in the Die Hard series because he has too many wrinkles.

Speaking at the London premiere of the latest film in the series on Wednesday night, Bruce explained that it was a lot harder to make the fourth film Live Free or Die Hard because time has marched on: “It was a really hard film to make, to be honest. A year ago, when we started making this film, the risk factor was massive. But it turned out very well in the end.”

“McClane’s older and so am I – and that was part of the fun of returning to the character. I also realised there is a benefit to getting older: you pay attention, and you acquire some wisdom.”

“It’s just weird to be able to see and to be able do a character that spans twenty years. It’s just an odd thing. You know what I mean?”

“There was one point when someone suggested doing a Die Hard prequel, ‘John McClane: The Early Years.’”

“But I think I’ve missed that window now – unless they come up with some new technology that smooths out these wrinkles on my face. I would definitely like to do it, but it’s just a matter of how I look!”