Women start to worry about ageing from 28

London: Women begin worrying about looking old from the age of 28, according to a new survey by wrinkle cream maker Olay Regenerist.

The teenage years when girls usually try to look older, are followed by a few years in their 20s when they are happy about their looks.

But by he time they hit 28 they want to look younger as the first wrinkles start to appear.

Worries over broken veins and age spots also emerged as starting to trouble women around this time.

The survey asked 4000 women of all ages to pinpoint the stage when they started – or thought they would start – worrying about the ageing process.

Sarah Clarke, from Olay Regenerist, who carried out the survey, said: “This study goes to show that women are seriously worried about their looks and want to make sure they stay looking young from an early age.

“While 28 might not seem that old, for many women, just the fact that the dreaded 30s are approaching can be enough to get them worrying about their skin showing signs of ageing.”

Women listed wrinkles as their biggest fear, followed by losing their hair, going grey and getting crow’s feet.

Other fears included getting broken or thread veins and losing their hair.

It also emerged 84 per cent of women are so concerned about showing the signs of ageing they would spend as much money as necessary to keep their skin looking young.

But that does not come cheap, with the average woman spending £483 a year – or £40 a month – on anti-ageing creams, beauty treatments and gym membership.

A total of £216 a year is spent on anti-ageing creams and beauty treatments such as facials and wraps.

Exercising and going to the gym costs another £113 while colouring hair accounts for a further £43.32.

Even vitamin supplements and mineral water account for £110 spent each year.

However, the poll also found many women will struggle to keep up with the massive cost.

The average 28-year-old has just £214 a month – around £50 a week – to live on after paying the mortgage or rent and household bills.