New longevity study

Boston: A new study is trying to determine the secret to living to age 100 by looking at genetic and environmental characteristics common to people in families who live longer.

Dr Thomas Perls of the Boston University Medical Centre which is carrying out the study says: “Exceptional longevity runs very strongly in families. Where people have a markedly increased chance of living longer so we want to find out what these family members have in common, as in environment, behavior and genes.”

One such person is Tony Pierro, who is 110-years-old and credits diet.

“Three good meals,” he said. “Nothing to worry about.”

His brother, Nick Pierro said: “The secret is to learn early in life to have peace of mind.”

Nick’s son, Rick, 57, who’s also taking part in the study, agrees.

“I think you have to go with their outlook – have no problems, no worries, keep headaches to a minimum, good eating. Your health is very important,” he said.

Researchers conducting the study are looking for families with at least two siblings who are 90 or older to take part in the study.