Hard work and fresh air secret of long life, says 103 year-old

London: Retired farmer, Jim Webber, is still gardening at the age of 103, and is believed to be Britain’s oldest worker.

He works a regular week tending the pub garden in his village in the county of Dorset.

The great grandfather has looked after the garden at the New Inn in the village of Stoke Abbot for the past twenty years and says he will carry on his work until he is too old. He has also never had a holiday and takes a shot of whisky to give him the occasional energy boost.

He says: ‘I tried stopping work when I retired but I was so bored. Bored and miserable. I’d just sit in my chair doing nothing and looking out the window.

‘I have to keep going because some of these youngsters are a bit slack and need looking after.

Mr Webber, born in 1902, spends around ten hours a week at the pub and has seen off several landlords during his 20-year tenure. He is paid £3 an hour for his time.

Widower Mr Webber, who has two granddaughters and three great grandchildren, arrives for work on his 30-year-old Ferguson tractor, known locally as the ‘Tin Pony’. Until this year he carried out most of his duties alongside his brother Jack, who died in July at the age of 95. He usually wakes at 4am.

Mr Webber, who still has a full clean driving licence and will turn 104 on Christmas Eve, said: ‘I’m not sure there’s any secret to a long life – just hard work and lots of outdoors.’