UK’s foremost expert on hormones warns about the dangers of statins

London: One of Britain’s foremost experts on hormones today warned of the dangers of statins, the cholesterol busting family of drugs.

Dr John Moran said that taking too much could deplete the body of vital hormones, such as testosterone and oestrogen, which are processed in the body from cholesterol.

Statins, not only deplete the body of cholesterol but also the beneficial natural substance, co-Enzyme Q10, an anti-oxidant and cellular energiser which is present in healthy hearts.

Dr Moran of the Holistic Medical Clinic in London’s Wimpole Street was commenting on the recent decision by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence to recommend that GPs prescribe statins to anyone with a 20 per cent chance of having a heart attack or stroke over the next ten years. Patients are also going to be able to buy statins across the counter.

Dr Moran, who specialises in advanced hormone replacement therapies for men and women said: “Taking too much of a statin could prevent the manufacture of vital hormones, such as testosterone which is responsible for a host of body functions, including sex drive. Patients should be aware that there are side effects, but anyone who has been prescribed statins should not stop taking them but consult their doctor, particularly those with diabetes or heart or stroke problems.

“One of my other concerns is that people will be able to buy statins over the counter and might not be aware of the consequences of taking the incorrect dose. In some people statins can raise liver enzymes to an unacceptable level which means the liver is not working efficieciently. They can also cause muscle aches and pains. On the whole statins are an amazing drug for preventing the risks of cardio-vascular disease but .”

Contact: John Moran RD, MBBS, DFFP, PG Dip.Nutri.Med at the Holistic Medical Clinic, London, W1 on 020 7935 4870 or mobile 07860 417874