Try the strength for life test – web chat with the experts

Brain or brawn? The great British debate – Find out how to improve your strength with our expert panel Chat date: Tuesday 22nd May Chat time: 1430 (GMT+1).

When we think of strength we tend to conjure images of Lennox Lewis or Jonny Wilkinson’s one-arm pull-ups. But what about Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein? Is mental might as important as muscle mass?

According to the team behind the AdeZ Ultimate Strength Test it certainly is, proving once and for all that it takes more mind than muscle to be truly ‘strong’.

But are you ready to take the test to find out how strong you are?

The test was devised with the help of one of the toughest women on the planet, Jo Salter, Britain’s first ever female fighter pilot. It identifies four types of strength – Emotional, Physical, Personal and Cognitive – that are needed to cope with all the challenges life throws at you.

Jo knows that determination and mental agility is just as important as brute strength when it comes to success and problem solving in the face of adversity.

Jo is part of an expert team who are here to answer all your questions about how to become as strong as you can be. She is joined by leading celebrity fitness instructor, Jamie Baird; happiness expert Dr Robert Holden; and nutritionist to the London Wasps and London Irish Rugby Clubs, Jane Griffin, who has devised the Ultimate Strength menu.

All are masters of motivation so make sure you reap the benefit of their collective expertise. Join our live webchat to learn how making even small changes to your daily routine can help you develop the all-round strength to cope with everything life throws at you…

Jo Salter, Jamie Baird, Dr Robert Holden, and Jane Griffin join us live online at on Tuesday 22nd May at 1430 to discuss how to discover your strength.

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Jo Salter was Britain’s first female fighter pilot flying the Tornado GR1. She was one of only five women fighter pilots in the world. She is now a management consultant and author of the book, ‘Energy’.

Jamie Baird, has been a fitness coach for 14 years and is now coach to a series of British celebrities including Kate Beckinsale and Donna Air.

Dr Robert Holden is the Director/Founder of The Happiness Project. He is a psychologist, author and broadcaster who coaches leaders in business, healthcare, education and sport. His services are retained by some of the world’s leading organizations.

Jane Griffin is one of the UK’s foremost sports dieticians. She has been named by her peers as one of the ten leading dieticians in Britain and been presented with the prestigious British Dietetic Association Ibex Award.