Smoking can damage your sex life, says EU

London: Smoking can seriously damage your sex life – that is the message from theEuropean Commission’s ‘HELP – For a life without tobacco’ campaign. While tobacco marketing regularly associates smoking with glamour, fun, and
attractiveness, the stark reality is far from the fantasy featured in
fashion shows, magazine editorials and tobacco advertising.

The bad news is that smoking can ruin your health, happiness and
relationships. The good news is that giving up smoking is beneficial. An article produced by the HELP campaign in conjunction with the ENSP (European Network of Smoking Prevention) highlights the harm that smoking can do to both men and women’s sex life.
The issues include: · Impotence (men) · Hormonal changes affecting appearance (women) · Damage to testes and to sperm (men) · Painful and irregular periods (women) · Cervical cancer (women) · Premature aging (men & women) · Fertility problems (men and women) When it comes to smoking, sex and romance, the picture is not a pretty one.

Smoking damages almost every aspect of our looks, our health and our relationships. The good news is that in young people, many of these effects can be avoided or even reversed by quitting. “Many young people view smoking as a pleasurable, relaxing activity after sex but they don’t think about the long term health consequences. Impotence and infertility are health messages we need to make young people aware of.

They need to know it’s not cool to light up after sex. QUIT advisors can help young people talk through all issues concerning smoking and sexual health,” said Ruth Bosworth, Director of Services, QUIT.

The Europe Community is actively developing a complete anti-smoking policy. You can find out more on thefollowing websites: and Smokers looking for help to quit smoking can call Quitline 0800 00 22 00 or
email for friendly advice on how to stop.