Sex is the new weightloss diet

Miami: Now comes even more good news. Sex may be the easiest, most pleasurable way to exercise and lose weight. “You’re burning calories and it beats the heck out of jogging,” says Dr. Eva Ritvo of the University of Miami.

Author Kerry McCloskey recently rocked the Oprah Winfrey Show by revealing her “amazing secret.” Four years ago, McCloskey was overweight and frustrated. “All the popular diets I tried failed. Too much denial. Too many restrictions.” What finally worked? “Intense lovemaking with my future husband.” McCloskey quickly lost 23 pounds and kept them off. Her husband lost 15 pounds. To a cheering audience on Oprah, McCloskey explained that every half hour of sex burns 150-250 calories. “My husband and I have sex eight times a week. You do the math!”

Celebrities are also slimming down under the sheets. reported that actress Angelina Jolie’s fabulous figure in “Tomb Raider” didn’t result just from pumping iron. Sex with her then husband, Billy Thornton, “did the trick.” British model Lisa Snowden has also confessed: “I don’t diet. I eat what I like… But what I love best is running off in the middle of the day to make love. It really burns off the calories!”

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“Every couple should know exactly how to take advantage of the amazing benefits of making love,” recommends McCloskey, “as well as the passion- igniting secrets, the sexy exercises and the sensual eating strategies in The Ultimate Sex Diet. More loving is the ultimate gift we can give each other.”