New breathing machine lowers blood pressure

A new breathing machine capable of lowering blood pressure with 45 minutes’ use a week has been developed.

Made by the company Intercure, the machine slows down patients’ rate of breathing and tests have shown that this results in a significant lowering of blood pressure. Tests have been carried out by Rush University in California

The device works by relaxing blood vessels allowing more normal blood flow. Regular use has a cumulative effect on pressure.

For the vast majority of people with high blood pressure, there is no single clear cause, although overweight and a lack of exercise are contributory factors in many cases. It is predicted that by 2025, one in three people will have hypertension.

Research shows that socalled rhythmic breathing exercises done at home can also have beneficial effects on high blood pressure.

Scientists at the University of Florida who taught breathing exercises to hypertensive patients found that they were able to reduce both blood pressure andheart rate. Those in the trial had blood pressure greater than 140/90 or were taking anti-hypertensive drugs.