Mystery weight gain was food intolerance

Linda Monk, a 59-year-old accountant from Sussex has always been slim.  Then in her mid-50s she started piling on the pounds no matter how hard she exercised.  Then suddenly her general health started to decline and she also began suffering a myriad of symptoms like swollen ankles and puffy under eyes. 
Then after reading about a simple over the counter test she found out the cause – food intolerence.  She amended her diet and she regained her figure and her health.
Here, a beaming with health Linda (pictured) tells Elixir her story:


“I have always been slim and taken pride in maintaining my figure. However, when I hit my mid 50s, I noticed my weight starting to creep up. To counter this, I started to exercise more and eat less, but nothing worked and I continued to put weight on around my hips.
I was soon an extra stone heavier than I had been before – something that was very noticeable on my 5’4″ frame. I also noticed that I was developing cellulite (something I’d never had before), my ankles were swollen and my eyes were puffy and surrounded by dark circles. This, coupled with the fact that my favourite clothes no longer fitted me, really was upsetting me. I just didn’t know what to do next.
It was then that I started to feel ill. Initially I just put this down to the stress I was experiencing at the time and the fact that I was unable to sleep. However, it wasn’t until I felt really sick after eating some chocolate one Mother’s Day, that it started to click that I could be intolerant to something I was eating.
After doing some research online I discovered the YorkTest website. Impressed by the testimonials of former customers, I decided to take the test.
The service the company offered was fantastic; I received my test in the post a couple of days after I initially spoke to the company and my results were sent back within a week – they revealed that I had severe intolerances to soy and dairy.
I found the free consultations with the YorkTest nutritionist very helpful and she was able to advise me on the best ways to remove dairy and wheat from my diet.
Within a short time, the extra weight I had put on had gone. My cellulite and dark circles completely disappeared and I was able to sleep at night. All my other symptoms improved and I started to feel well again.
I can’t describe how much better I feel compared to before and I can eat as much as I want without worrying – it’s like being a teenager again! It is definitely the best money I have ever spent!”
About YorkTest
YorkTest offers nutritionally supported food intolerance programmes from £250, including its unique Food and Drink Intolerance Programme.  For anyone wanting to know whether food-specific IgG antibody reactions are present the ‘First Step’ pre-screen is available, currently on offer at £9.99.  If the First Step result is positive you can choose to proceed to one of YorkTest’s comprehensive food and drink intolerance programmes.  Home-to-laboratory test kits can be purchased from YorkTest by calling 0800 074 6185 or visiting
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