Jane Seymour criticises failure of drug companies for failing to educate on unhealthy lifestyles


Beverly Hills: Actress Jane Seymour has accused drug companies of failing to help educate the public about healthy lifestyles because of their pursuit of profit.

In an exclusive interview to publicise her work with the US woman’s heart disease awareness charity, Hearttruth, Jane says: “Let’s face it: the drug companies controls so much of what is going on, and they do it for their own profit. But when people are educated and are proactive, they won’t need to the doctors as often and take expensive drugs.”

Jane adds: “We don’t need more laws, we just have to educate people so they know what to do. Kids need to be taught that some foods are poison. An occasional splurg is okay, but once people realise that other options are healthier, their tastes often change for the better.

“Education is the most important thing. Everyone needs to address hypertension and the root causes of heart disease. You should check the condition of your arteries and your blood pressure on a regular basis. Also you have to be proactive. Lifestyle choices are important.”

Jane, 54, and a mother of four says she is a firm believer in complementary medicine.

“I do alternative things as well, but you need to go to yor doctor on a regular basis to monitor your health. Sometimes drugs are necessary, but you also need to live healthy,” said the actress.

Jane whose own mother is aged 90 says she hopes to live to be 100.

“I’m definately ready to live to be 100. I’d like to die healthy, of course, and die happy, knowing that I did the things I wanted to do with the time I had.”

Jane believes that if more people exercised it would put a dent in the heart disease epidemic. Jane takes moderate and regular exercise following back surgery which includes walking, Pilates, stretching, weights and isometric movements.

“You don’t need fancy machines – just make exercise part of your life. I’m constantly moving and it keeps my heart healthy.”